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Ramdev’s latest LIE: Says Qur’an prescribes cow urine for Muslims

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New Delhi: Baba Ramdev seems to have completely lost his mind. In a controversial statement that is sacrilegious and has hurt the sentiments of 20 crore Indian Muslims, he has claimed that cow urine as a medicine has been prescribed in Qur’an.

“It is written in Quran that cow urine can be used for treatment. Some people are targeting Patanjali by saying that it is a Hindu company. Did I ever target Hamdard (set up by the Hamid brothers)?,” Ramdev said.

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A Sangh Parivar favorite and long time supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Ramdev, whose fortunes have gone through the roof since the BJP came to power in the country has stumped almost everyone. The man who rose with his yoga expertise but much more with the active BJP support is known for beinga run away baba who ran away wearing shalwar and jampar to evade arrest during the Congress rule.

His latest antics may be to make inroads into Muslim homes across the country. The community with 200 million people is a huge market. Till now many Muslim families have remained outside its ambit of influence due to suspicion that Patanjali uses cow urine in formulation of its products.

While appearing on India TV, Ramdev said, “I have full support for Hamdard, and Himalaya drug company too. Farooq bhai of the Himalaya group even donated land to me for setting up yoga gram. If some people level such charges, they will only be creating a wall of hate”.

Nonetheless, Himalya Drugs’ director Syed Farooq has denied that he has supported Ramdev’s stance on cow urine issue. He said that he hasn’t seen the statement of Ramdev till now as he is outstation and will be able to respond later. He told Urdu Daily Inquilab that once Ramdev gave a pack of cow urine to him saying that its smell has been removed. He went on to add further that he didn’t accept the pack.

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