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Prey – Mimic combat tips and cheats

Prey is hogging the limelight among the gamers across the world. And the one thing about Prey that is being discussed the highest is Mimics.

If the gamers are talking about Prey, you should be sure that Mimics will come into debate sooner than later. And when it comes, it occupies the entire spot.

There is no denying that Mimics may be just a starting enemy in Prey, but there is every probability that they will destroy and take you down if you’re not careful. It should be kept in mind that if you are really having issues with the little bugs, you’ve come to the right place.

Experts ask the gamers, the serious gamers indeed to first use the wrench when dealing with Mimics. They may be quite a threat, but they’re not quite worth spending precious ammo on. And since Mimics love to get in your face, the close combat attack of the wrench is perfect.

It should be kept in mind that mimics actually are thrilled with the thoughts of ambushing you. This is the reason that experts advise the gamers to actually listen to music cues to find out if they’ve appeared and are about to attack you. Sometimes you’ll get a marker on your HUD indicating their presence. Also listen to scuttling noises to know when one is near.

Like every other game, in the game called Prey, you have to work around to remove the bottlenecks. There are gimmicks and then there are some more gimmicks. The main gimmick with Mimics is that they can metamorphose into any everyday object in the environment to really take you by surprise. There is no denying that the surprise quotient is so high in Prey that you need to be ever alert. However, they often transform into objects close to them. So if you ever spot duplicates of an item near each other, chances are one of them is a mimic. You may even spot a duplicated object that slightly moves before settling. So slowly walk over to one object while holding the trigger to charge your wrench attack. Once they appear, swing your attack at them for big damage right off the bat.

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