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President Trump’s motorcade hit by 2×4 wood, not shot at

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Washington: President Trump will remain in news whether you like it or not. If he is not in news for attacking press, banning immigrants’ entry into the US or for enumerating fake terrorist attacks in different parts of Europe, you bet he will be in news for something different.

White House officials have said that the President of United States of America’s motorcade was attacked by young kids with a small piece of wood.


Initially it was said that the president’s motorcade was hit by a “2×4”, but it was later confirmed that the object in question was a small piece of wood. Reports suggest that as many as five middle school students are now facing charges for the ‘attack’.

While talking about the incident that happened with the President Trump’s motorcade, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office spokeswoman Teri Barbera said in a statement Saturday that the incident happened Friday around 1:45 p.m. The sheriff’s office tweeted a photo of the wood that allegedly struck the motorcade:

Reports suggest that the students are not being identified as they are minors. It is said that all the five kids study at a local middle schools and one confessed to the incident.

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