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President Donald Trump impeachment rumors not going to die down soon –Photos, video

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Washington: Will President Donald Trump be impeached before the end of the year? There are signs galore that his stay in the White House may be short-lived. He has faced so many issues since his arrival in the White House and has created so many controversies that even his long-term supporters are now worried about the President’s future.

The way he fired FBI director Comey, who was investigating the Russian role in the last presidential elections, seems to be have created more trouble for the President than solving it. Comey departure has seen a drastic increase in media reports predicting Donald Trump leaving the office this year.

If that was not enough, reports that he shared highly classified data with visiting Russian Foreign Minister and Russian ambassador has further inflamed the situation. Initially White House denied that he shared any classified information with the visiting Russian officials in his Oval Office, Trump himself said that he has the authority to share the info.

As President Donald Trump starts his first foreign tour after being sworn as US President, the murmurs about his impeachment are fast spreading. Senate Intelligence Committee member Sen. Angus King of Maine told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that Trump is one step closer to being impeached if the most recent report is true. Sen. Angus King of Maine further told Wolf Blitzer “Reluctantly, I have to say yes…Obstruction is a serious offense.”

Democrats have been talking about the possibility of impeachment for months now. Sometimes ago Democratic Rep. Al Green of Texas in a statement said that Trump has “committed and impeachable act and must be charged,” referring to sharing classified information. The process of impeaching a sitting president means that he or she has been charged with “high crimes and misdemeanors” and then would be removed from office if convicted of them.

While impeachment may be still a far-fetched idea in the US, we have seen many heads of the states in major economies being removed through this process. Brazil and South Korea removed their heads of states through impeachment process.

It must be kept in mind that the impeachment is a very long and rather very intricate process. The process starts with impeaching, then the president would have to be convicted in a Senate trial in order for the removal to happen. Given the way Democrats have looked demoralized, it will be very tough to actually start and then take it to its logical conclusion.

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