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Pragya Thakur, Malegaon blast accused bail -Muslims infuriated, to continue legal fight

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Mumbai: 2008 Malegaon blast accused Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur has been granted bail by Bombay High Court. This has disappointed the Muslim organizations in Maharashtra and beyond. They believe the way, the saffron right wing criminals are being dealt leniently, they all will be out of prisons sooner than later.

Mohd. Aslam Ghazi of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Maharashtra said, “The decision to release Sadhvi is very weird. The people who confessed about their involvement in the Malegaon blast case have been granted bail. And those who were accused but had not confessed had been granted bail earlier. Who did really trigger the blasts? These kinds of decisions undermine the dignity and reliability of courts.”

Mohd Saeed Noori, General Secretary of Raza Academy, said, “The release of Sadhvi is highly unprecedented because earlier all appeals for bail by Sadhvi were refused because of solid evidence of her crimes. But now the court has granted bail citing insufficient proof of her crime! These kinds of decisions will encourage every big and small criminal, because they will reason that if a dreaded criminal can be released after such heinous crimes, then why not us? They would freely conspire to play with the peace of the society.”

Maulana Mahmood Khan Daryabaadi, General Secretary of All India Ulama Council said, “When Advocate Rohini Salyan, Senior Prosecutor appealed to the court to show leniency on the saffron terrorists regarding the Malegaon blasts, then her words predicted such a decision. Today Sadhvi has been released. Tomorrow other Saffron miscreants would be released. But we believe in a higher court. The court of Almighty stays the strongest and ever just, so it is our responsibility to not forget this fact and follow law and order of our country and keep trying for justice.”

He also said, “It seems the hand of present government behind the release of Sadhvi. There can be no other legal reason behind her sudden release.”

Maulana Abdussalam Salfi, member of Jamiat Ahle Hadeeth, said, “There is still trust in law. We do not know on what grounds Sadhvi has been released. An appeal in Suprem Court should be made to stay this decision.”

Shamsher Khan Pathan, member of Awami Vikas Party, said, “During the UPA government NIA found solid proof against Sadhvi and so her bails were refused. But BJP government has clearly asked the courts to treat leniently all saffron organizations members, so the bail acceptance can be understood at this time.”

(Translated from Inquilab by Nabila Habib)

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