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Police raiding marriage parties, checking if non-veg delicacies being served

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Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh is facing a tough time these days. In the name of stopping illegal slaughtering, the government has announced that if it hears of any news about non-vegetarian food being served during weddings and functions then strict action would be taken against the head of the family. The people are disturbed and very worried. Lakhs of people have been rendered jobless as well. There is restriction on the use of chicken and mutton as well.

This is one of the many changes that has occurred since Aditya Nath became the Chief Minister of UP. The ban on slaughter has sent the prices of vegetables soaring and prices are expected to further rise.

The ban on slaughter has also left lakhs of people jobless, especially the lower middle class and poor. While they were previously struggling, now they are facing the terror of imminent lack of basics like food.

All those dealing in the business of meat are protesting the ban and have gone on strike. Those dealing in the business of fish are also being urged to join the strike. The strike came to its peak on Monday.

These bans and raids have made all non-vegetarian items disappear from the menu of receptions and weddings in UP.

Biryani, qorma and kebab have been replaced by vegetarian delicacies, which has dampened the spirit of the people. Local police forces are raiding the weddings and receptions of Muslim families to check the menu being offered there and causing much uproar.

The presence of policemen in weddings has terrorrised the people. The police say that they have been ordered to check that mutton, beef, chicken items are not being served during the feasts. They are threatening the head of the family with strict actions if they are caught serving non-vegetarian delicacies.

In Qureshiyan muhalla of Sahawar, this Sunday the police raided the groom’s relatives just as they were about to leave for the bride’s place in Badayun. The guests were threatened by the policemen that no meat is to be served and eaten during the feast and if anyone is caught using meat then strict action would be taken against them.

Kaasganj saw many shopkeepers dealing in meat close their shops and run away as police raided the meat market in the area. Two people, Saddam and Abrar Ahmad were arrested in the raids. They were said to be selling meat without licence.

The police informed that the slaughtering of chicken and goats would henceforth be done in sheltered and closed spaces.

Though the meat sellers are protesting as part of the ongoing strike, but their financial condition is very precarious. This financial bane in the form of ban from the Yogi government has not only affected the beef sellers but also all those dealing in chicken and mutton meat. (Translated from Inquilab)

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