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‘Pokemon Go’ Raid Boss List – Egg Star Level & Color details

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Pokemon Go is going places. Its popularity is on the rise and every day it is getting new converts. Its fans are leaving their tons of other activities behind and getting involved in Pokemon Go that keeps them busy for hours and hours without pause.

There is no denying that with new gym mechanic in place, Pokemon Go trainers are busier than ever before. They are taking part in raid battles at all levels and every effort is made to destroy or beat more powerful Pokemon.

The new features seem to be a massive hit with millions and millions of fans of Pokemon Go around the world. Not just kids and youths are bitten by the gym mechanic feature, even middle aged people are finding the new features of Pokemon Go irresistible.

While it is not clear as to which Raid Bosses appear at which levels, the experienced hands at the game are doing their best to come out with their own list. And amazingly, many people are finding such lists rather very useful.
It must be kept in mind that unlike in the original series, Pokemon GO gyms are under partial user control. Members of the team that is in control of a gym can assign their own Pokemon to help defend the gym, but they cannot actually control their Pokemon in combat. This design choice leads to some peculiarities with the gym combat system. There are different mechanics for attacking opposing gyms compared to training friendly gyms. In battle, attacking Pokemon (attackers) and defending Pokemon (defenders) have different mechanics.

Niantic has enumerated many differences between attacking and training gyms. Niantic says that the biggest difference between attacking an opposing gym versus training at a friendly gym is attackers can team up in a fight, up to twenty trainers at once. No defending Pokemon is invincible when ganged up by multiple attackers. As a result, attacking is much easier than training when you have teammates with you. When battling Pokémon, you battle Pokémon in the order they were assigned to the Gym; the Pokémon on the Gym for the longest time will battle first.

If you are in search of some guidance in this regard, here are the Raid Bosses that have been recorded appearing at each Raid Battle level so far. This information comes from a variety of sources, including Redditors participating in threads here, here, here, and here.

The following Raid Bosses have been reported so far at Tier 1:

Bayleef (CP 4375)
Croconaw (CP 5207)
Electabuzz (11311)
Exeggutor (12633)
Magikarp (CP 1165)
Magmar (11610)
Muk (11200)
Quilava (CP 5085)
Weezing (11245)

The following Raid Bosses have been reported so far at Tier 2:

Electabuzz (CP 11311)
Exeggutor (CP 12633)
Magmar (CP 11610)
Muk (CP 11200)
Weezing (CP 11245)

The following Raid Bosses have been reported so far at Tier 3:

Alakazam (CP 22646)
Arcanine (CP 17832)
Flareon (CP 21155)
Gengar (CP 19768)
Jolteon (CP 19883)
Machamp (CP 18144)
Vaporeon (CP 16696)

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