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Pokémon GO Easter event Start Time, Schedule- Niantic names it Eggstravaganza

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Pokemon GO is something that is not going to leave you alone at any cost. Not even when you wanted to enjoy your holidays. This is going to become so much as a part of your daily life, that you wouldn’t be able to skirt. It is becoming a part of everyday life. While you can leave your pet at home, you cannot ever imagine leaving it behind and keeping you engaged in something else.

Now as Easter is round the corner, Pokemon Go creators, Niantic, has announced its Easter event. The well-laid out plan for Pokemon Go is called “Eggstravaganza,” that does indeed use the egg theme as expected.

As reports suggest, the detailed plan actually begins at 1 PM PDT. It will continue nonstop till April 20th.

Niantic has become adept in keeping its fan base excited about everything Niantic. By the way Pokemon Go has become such a huge success, that the company never really envisaged. They launch their events a few days ahead of the holiday in question and wrap them up several days after the holiday is over. Although this event is simply being referred to as an “Eggstravaganza,” it’s clearly celebrating Easter, which is on Sunday, April 16th. However, Passover is also this week, with the Jewish holiday having begun on April 10th and concluding on April 18th. So throughout the entire week, you will be treated with eggs and more eggs, and all these will be make believe eggs that can be used in Pokemon Go and not eaten like an omelets.

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