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Pokemon Go Easter Event – Generation 2 Starters Can Be Hatched From a 5km Egg

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Pokemon Go creators know how to keep the fans of this extremely popular game enchanted. There is no denying that with the Pokemon Go, they have created a sort of spell that keeps its fans tied completely to the game that has become extremely popular over the last year.

Now with the Pokemon Go Easter event the creators have gone a step forward and ensured that the fans of the game are not without their popular game even when they go for the Easter services or other programs of religious importance.

It must be kept in mind that during this special holiday spectacular, being called Pokemon Go eggstravaganza, the second generation starter Pokemon can finally be hatched.

It must be kept in mind that generation two starter Pokemon, of course, are Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile. This is the first time that they can be hatched from eggs. It was not possible earlier and the three Pokemon could not be hatched from eggs at any cost.

If you have been playing the supremely popular game, you must have realized that with the Easter event, the generation two starer Pokemon have amazingly started to appear in eggs. While not many people actually found this out, a Reddit user going by the moniker ch33psh33p and he posted a screenshot of a Totodile that was caught in a 5km egg.

Right now these generation two starter Pokemon can be hatched from only a 5km egg, and not in 2km eggs.a report while talking about it says that it is actually Pokemon Go that takes a call as to what is going to be in an egg the moment you pick it up, not the moment you hatch it.

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