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Philip Antonino’s wife Anna wants husband’s killer punished: Video footage released

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Broward: A surveillance camera has given evidence in the unfortunate killing of Philip Antonino, a Good Samaritan who tried to defend an elderly man from a walker who was trying to berate him. The camera captures Philip Antonino and the passerby who is suspected of killing him arguing as Antonino tries to defend the elderly man from being berated by the passerby.

The camera installed at Phil & Lou’s Complete Auto Repair in Pembroke Park, Broward shows a man (media is calling him ‘black’) walking past the business. The surveillance camera shows the man trying to berate an elderly man who was reportedly mowing the lawn outside the Marathon gas station nearby.

Antonino, who was reportedly the part-owner of the auto repair business, is seen in the footage as leaving the business and trying to confront the man. He was trying to save the elderly man from further humiliation. Sleuths attached to Broward Sheriff’s Office claim that the man shot and killed Antonino while he courageously stood up against the aggressor.

Broward Sheriff’s Office detectives claim that a camera installed at Antonino’s business just a few feet away captured the killer jogging away in the direction he came from just over a minute after he first walked into the camera’s view. Video released by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office shows the gunman screaming and gesturing at the elderly man, who was holding a grass trimmer as he worked in a Pembroke Pines vacant lot.

Broward police officials claim that Philip Antonino of Hollywood, Fla., was walking to his job Friday morning when he saw the argument. Video shows Antonino walking up to the gunman and the two start arguing. The video stops as the gunman begins to walk away. Detectives say the gunman then turned and shot Antonino numerous times before fleeing.

In the meantime reports suggest that a memorial service is planned for Antonino on Tuesday and he’ll be laid to rest on Wednesday. Antonino’s wife, Anna, is shocked beyond belief and wants the person to be caught and punished. “I want this guy to be punished…He took the life of nice, decent, hardworking, American citizen. This can’t happen over and over and over again. We should be able to walk in the streets freely and not to fear each other”, Anna was quoted by the CBSNews as saying.

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