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People who do not have the option of talaq, burn their wives – Maulana Rabey Hasani

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Kanpur: The President of All India Muslim Personal Law Board, Maulana Rabey Hasani Nadvi said that talaq is a solution and not a problem. He said that it provides an avenue to both the husband and wife to go their separate way when their discords cannot be solved and living together becomes akin to curse.

“The meaning of divorce in Islam is not shooting, but a solution to the discord in marital life due to disagreement, dispute and differences. This is the ticket to end a life of discord and marry again to begin afresh. People who do not have this solution burn their wives.”

He expressed his views on the contentious talaq topic while talking to correspondents. He spoke on this topic this past Sunday in Kanpur. Maulana replied to numerous questions on the issue of triple talaq from the media and clarified many features of the process of divorce. He stressed that divorce is a permission in Sharia which should be followed by us and we should help others follow it too.

Maulana said that Sharia Law is from Allah so it cannot be changed by us. He said candidly, “This country is a secular democracy where we are allowed full freedom to practice our religion. If a matter needs to be pondered over then others should not interfere and let Muslims evaluate and examine it themselves. The government or any other group does not have a right to interfere in it.”

The renowned cleric further added, “Regarding the triple talaq issue people make many comments – even people who know nothing about it. Whereas the reality is that talaq is a solution to a major problem in married life. When the discord between spouses grows so big that they cannot bear to look at each other’s face then the solution according to Sharia is that they separate peacefully through divorce.”

He informed that a panel of top advocates has been formed to fight for their cause in the Supreme Court. The panel contains well informed and able advocates who will bring justice to the cause.

On the case of residence for divorcee women, he said, “In Sharia Law, a divorcee woman has full right and provision to lead a respectable life. They can remarry. And it is mentioned in the Quran that widows can be remarried and should not be left alone.”

Regarding the “widhwa aashram” (widows’ home), he said, “These type of talks are done by those who do not understand Islam or people in whose community second marriage is not allowed. In Islam the problems of divorcees are fully addressed in Sharia. A divorcee has the freedom to live with her parents, her brother, or remarry and live with her new husband. Islam has taken care of the poor, needy and helpless through Zakaat, through which their financial difficulties are solved.”

About triple talaq in one sitting and the decision of AIMPLB to socially boycott people who practice this, the Maulana said, “The Prophet Muhammad, along with disapproving triple talaq, also prohibited it. The decision of social boycott is to punish those who practice triple talaq and deter them and the society from its use.”

Translated from Inquilab

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