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Paul Krugman warns GOP to choose between Donald Trump or the Republic

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Washington DC: Paul Krugman has said that if Donald Trump lasts one year in office, he doesn’t see the Republic surviving. This is one of the most fearsome predictions since Donald Trump inauguration.

Donald Trump has banned the entry of Muslims from several nations, intensified vetting, banned refugees, signed executive order to build a wall on United States’ border with Mexico and questioned the one China policy since his arrival in White House. And mind you it is merely ten days since Donald Trump inauguration.

In a series of tweets, renowned economist, Paul Krugman, who has taught at London School of Economics, Princeton and MIT, condemned Donald Trump’s actions calling them reckless and destructive.paul krugman

In a tweet, the author of the Great Unraveling and The Conscience of a Liberal said, “Either he or the republic, in any meaningful sense, will be gone quite soon. I have a hard time seeing one year, let alone four”.

Later he followed that up with a four-part message to Republicans explaining to them that the way things are going they need to decide between saying “no” to Trump to avoid being complicit in the “death of democracy” or adjust to the idea that they’ll be going “down with a disgraced president””

He went on to add that, Donald Trump’s repeated and unruly violations of the Constitution are going to see him become a dictator GOP support or impeached. He said that the choice is for Republicans.
He went on to add in another tweet, “Which will it be? Our Republic and its democratic institutions or the autocratic Trump and dictatorship with his rule by poorly-worded fiat? The fate of the Republic, horrifyingly, lies in the hands of the Republican Party”.

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He further said, “What this means is that anyone considering working for or with this White House — Senators, officials, businessmen — shouldn’t…Either you’re going to go down with a disgraced president, or you’re going to be complicit in the death of democracy. Just say no”.

Paul Krugman is not known to use such words so often and when a person of his caliber has spoken, he must have spoken after being convinced of the future repercussion of Donald Trump’s actions.

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