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Pakistani newspaper Dawn accepts surgical strikes by India in PoK

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New Delhi: After initially mocking Indian claims of surgical strikes in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) by Indian Army in the wake of Uri terrorist attack, some Pakistani newspapers have started to come to terms with the reality. A leading Pakistani columnist in his column in the top Pakistani English daily Dawn has said that there may be some truth in India’s claims in the surgical strike.

This is the first time that a Pakistani newspaper has gathered courage to believe what the Indian Army and government have been claiming.

Indian Special Forces commandos reportedly crossed the Line of Control or the LOC on the night of 29th September, more than a week after the Uri terrorist strike in Kashmir Valley that took the lives of 18 Indian soldiers. Indian sources claim that around 40 terrorists and their facilitators were killed by the Indian Army commandos who crossed into Pakistan and destroyed as many as seven launch-pads of terrorists.


Zahid Hussain in his column in the Dawn says, “Intriguingly, Pakistan has maintained a low profile throughout the crisis, focusing entirely on falsifying the Indian claims of a surgical strike. One may argue that it was not in our interest to cause the situation to escalate thus falling into the Indian trap. But there was no rationale in glossing over some facts that were already in the public domain. There is not one official confirmation of the report about the capture of the Indian soldier. In fact, it was an Indian minister who broke the news…Perhaps we have deliberately ignored the message behind the Indian belligerence.”

He goes on to add, “The Indian forces apparently launched attacks simultaneously on several positions and reportedly the fire was promptly responded to by Pakistani troops…Indeed, Indian military officials have not provided full details about the number of targets or the number of casualties, nor have they identified them. Undoubtedly, there is much ambiguity over what the surgical strikes by the Indian forces achieved exactly. But there is some indication that the Indian troops did come inside our territory, though it is not clear how far they penetrated”.

Now it is very clear that on several occasions the Indian forces crossed into Pakistan and conducted strikes. Hussain further says, “Of course, incursion by the rival troops on both sides of the LoC is not unusual and there are some recent examples. But the context and scale of the latest infringement, and the fact that the Modi government has chosen to publicly announce it, has completely changed the situation. While in the past, neither side would acknowledge an incursion, it was different this time with New Delhi brazenly owning the act of aggression. Our response uncharacteristically has simply been to repudiate ‘Indian lies’.”

It seems very clear now that truth seems to be sinking in the minds of Pakistani intellectuals and generals too.

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