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Oklahoma home invasion shooting – Zachary Peters Broken Arrow 911 call audio released

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A 23-year old Oklahoma man who shot at three young burglars this past Monday while they were trying to sneak into his father’s home had called 911 after shooting at the bandits. Zachary Peters, after shooting the teenaged intruders called 911 and recounted as to what had happened. All the three eventually died on the spot before being taken to hospital.

Now as the 911 call details have been released, it is clear that he was fearful of his safety despite being in the possession of firearms at his father’s house in Broken Arrow.

He also told the 911 dispatchers that he was hiding in a bedroom inside his father’s home. He also told them that he had shot the two intruders while he was unsure about the third teen who had also tried to enter the house along with two other intruders who lay injured.

Now the details have been released by the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office. “I’ve just been broken into. Three men, two I’ve shot in my house…I believe one’s down, one’s still talking. You need to get here now” the detailed released by the Sheriff’s office said.

He was apparently concerned about the teenagers and wanted them taken to the hospital. “I shot two of them and now I’m barricaded in my bedroom…They broke in the back door. I can hear one of them talking he went on to add”

Later police said that the three intruders were killed in the firing by Peters’ firing with AR-15 rifle. The police told the media later that while two teenagers died in the kitchen and a third collapsed and died in the driveway outside.

None of the teenagers possessed firearms, though two were armed with brass knuckles, another had a knife. “They were dressed in black, all had masks on, and all had gloves on…There was a short exchange of words and then gunfire happened” said a police officer. Rodriguez, the 21-year-old woman who admitted to being the getaway driver, is also accused of planning the burglary, KTUL-TV reports. According to court documents obtained by the news station, Rodriguez had prior knowledge about the house and knew Zachary Peters by his first name.

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