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Nintendo Switch battery life, screen being criticized

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Nintendo Switch has just been introduced in the market and there is unprecedented enthusiasm for the gaming console. This can be played without any issue on home television sets and portable gaming device with it’s own screen.

Ever since its launch in the market, the internet and social media is talking non-stop the Nintendo Switch and nothing else. There is an enthusiasm about the new gaming console that was not really associated with Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch battery life

Media also seems to be enthused by the new device. While there are many who claim that Nintendo Switch clearly fell short of expectations, others said, it has enough attraction to keep many enthused by what it offers. Nathan Olivarez-Giles of The Wall Street Journal says, “As incredibly versatile as the Switch’s hardware and technical capabilities are, the console feels incomplete at launch without a strong lineup of games, access to Nintendo’s rich back catalog of iconic titles and really any online services to speak of. The Switch has the potential to be a console for everybody. But most everyone but die-hard Nintendo — well, Legend of Zelda — fans should wait to see if it shapes up”.

The latest launch from the Japanese tech giant, priced at $300, has been creating waves due to the fact that it is two gadgets in one. This is a gaming console that can sit in your living room and one that you can easily take with you on the go — making it extremely versatile.

There is no denying that for most gaming enthusiasts, playing with the Switch has been nothing short of a blast. The hardware is well designed and capable of delivering powerful graphics. People suggest that the makers of the gaming console have made clever use of the included motion controllers.

Despite some of its obvious advantages, the gaming console is being criticized by many for lack of features including compatibility with Bluetooth earphones, and short battery life and a below par screen.

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