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Neil Gorsuch Filibuster, name of the Democrats who voted against it

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Washington: Democrats will not be able to stop Neil Gorsuch’s ascendance to Supreme Court. Despite all their tanks being deployed in front of his door, Democrats have failed as the Republicans invoked nuclear option.

This means that Neil Gorsuhc’s nomination is all but confirmed. Democrats didn’t had enough numbers and their failure was a foregone conclusion despite Gorsuch Filibuster.

While the Democrats on Thursday were able to block the nomination, it was nothing more than a mere nuisance. Republicans’ invocation of the nuclear option has now cleared the way for his approval by a simple majority.

Democrats, despite their apparent unity were let down by four Democrats who supported his nomination and were against Democratic efforts to filibuster Neil Gorsuch. There is no denying that Neil Gorsuch comes with a solid background. It is no secret that he clerked for two Supreme Court justices, Byron White and Anthony Kennedy. He also served as a clerk on the second most important appeals court in the country, in Washington D.C., for conservative Judge David Sentelle. Like Justice Antonin Scalia, whom he is in line to replace, Gorsuch has cultivated a reputation as a memorable and clear author of legal opinions

Despite his conservative beliefs, Gorsuch is an advocate of religious freedom. Gorsuch sometimes ago said “the law … doesn’t just apply to protect popular religious beliefs: it does perhaps its most important work in protecting unpopular religious beliefs, vindicating this nation’s long-held aspiration to serve as a refuge of religious tolerance”.

The four Democrats who went against their own party include Michael Bennet of Colorado, Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, and Joe Manchin of West Virginia. The Senate on Thursday morning voted to invoke cloture, which would end the filibuster. The vote was 55 to 45, with the four Democrats listed above voting for it and all of the other Democrats voting against it, according to the Senate roll call.

Michael Bennet who is not really a supporter of the Neil Gorsuch nomination was ready to vote for him for his own reasons. He was not eager to let Republicans use the nuclear option. “This president may have several more opportunities to nominate a Supreme Court justice during his term…If that happens…Republicans would face enormous pressure to nominate an extreme candidate knowing they could confirm them without a single Democratic vote”, he said while speaking in the Senate.

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