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Nawaz Sharif’s ouster – Why people predict jungle raaj in Pakistan again?

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Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz sharif has been disqualified by Pakistani Supreme Court in the ongoing Panama Papers leak. This is the third time that Nawaz Sharif has been unceremoniously removed by a nexus of Pakistani Army and the judiciary that the Army has so conveniently used as its rubber stamp over the last several decades.

It is nothing short of a soft coup. But it is an achievement of sorts of one of the finest politicians of Pakistan to have survived the last four years in office, despite concerted efforts by the Army and the opposition to have him removed by hooks or crooks.

Power outages await Pakistan again- Aaj TV

The whole Pakistan has been awaiting the Panagate judgment with a bated breath. Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan, who had headed the apex court’s implementation bench following its April 20 order on the Panama Papers case, announced the landmark judgement on the case shortly after 12:00pm on Friday.

While announcing the judgment in the case, Justice Khan made it clear that the bench had recommended that all material collected by the JIT would be sent to an accountability court within six weeks, and that cases would be opened against Captain Muhammad Safdar, Maryam, Hassan and Hussain Nawaz as well as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. A judgement should be announced within 30 days, he said. One judge would oversee the implementation of this order.

In the meantime, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was disqualified from holding his office. The judges ruled that the prime minister had been dishonest to parliament and the courts and could not be deemed fit for his office. Justice Khan said that the judgment was unanimous.

The inclusion of Maryam Nawaz and both of his sons Hassan and Hussain Nawaz means that the people behind the most recent soft coup against Nawaz Sharif want his whole family to be removed from the political scene. Nawaz Sharif has been grooming his daughter Maryam Nawaz, but the recent developments suggest that the people opposed to Nawaz Sharif wanted to be removed from the political scene too.

Pakistanis are a thankless lot. They destroy the vessel in which they eat. When Nawaz Shahrif became the Prime Minister for the third time, he inherited a non-functional government. There was no electricity. Electricity even in metros like Karachi and Lahore was available for not more than a couple of hours in 24 hours, railways had been crippled, economy was at its lowest level in decades, Karachi was ruled by Taliban and underworld and Tehrike Taliban Pakistan ruled a large chunk of the nation.

In the last four years, the electricity condition has improved considerably, with Pakistan set to produce sufficient power for use by the year 2018. Peace has been restored in Karachi, Taliban have removed from much of the tribal areas, economy is booming, railway is back on track and Pakistan is looking like a nation set to make great strides.

But all these works and stellar performance by Nawaz Sharif are not sufficient for thankless people of Pakistan not to plant against him. He has been removed as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. An era of development and prosperity comes to end with Sharif’s ouster. Army will spread its tentacles once again and the nation of Pakistan will be back to the days of darkness, political instability and economic laggardness.

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