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Natural treatment for piles – How to treat Hemorrhoids without surgery?

By Hakim Dr Syed Ubaidussalam

It is one of the most common life style health problems. In this disease the patient suffers from two types of problems. He may feel pain with heaviness in distal part of rectum/ anus, or he suffers from per rectum bleeding with or without stool. If the bleeding becomes chronic patient may become anemic.

Low intake of fibers, high intake of meat and spicy foods, continuous long sitting, ignoring the constipation are some important factors of this problem. People who frequently suffer from constipation are prone to this ailment.

How to avoid the problem?

You can avoid hemorrhoids with some simple steps.

1. Take plenty of water

2. Avoid constipation

3. Get fibrous diet

4. Always take green leafy vegetables at least thrice weekly

5. Mix salad with non vegetarian meals

6. Do not sit continuously for long time

7. In case of mild constipation use sat isabgol (psyllium husk) with water and sugar crystals.

These are some tips to avoid the disease but if unfortunately it occurs then as the first step is to stop all spicy foods as well as meat( even chicken can harm you). The second step is to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Unani system of medicine offers several useful medicines which totally cure this ailment and these medicines do not have adverse effects also. Some of these are as below. Habb e bawaseer khooni, habb e bawaseer badi, habb e bawaseer khas, itrifal shahtra, majoon dabeedul ward, majoon bawaseer, habbe musaffi khoon, saboos e asabghol.

All of these are good for piles but you must take it after consulting an experienced and learned hakeem/ Unani physician, because these are used according the temperaments and conditions of patient.

Have a nice and disease free life.

(Hakim Dr Syed Ubaidussalam is a qualified Unani/ natural medicine practitioner. For the last fifteen years he is treating patients for different lifestyle and chronic ailments. He can be reached email at or by telephone 9818864210)

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