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Natural cure for constipation -treatment guidelines

By Hakim Dr Syed Ubaidussalam

Constipation is one of the most common ailments in modern era. More than fifty percent people suffer from this problem. Sitting for long hours, less or no physical exercise, less water intake and less use of green leafy vegetables are the main causes of it. Dysfunction (inappropriate / incomplete function) of liver is also a very important factor behind this disease.

How to avoid constipation

You may avoid constipation by some simple and easy methods.
1. Use ample water daily.
2. Take leafy vegetables at least thrice a week.
3. Try to walk for an hour daily.
4. Do not sit in your chair for several hours. Try to walk for a while after each hour.

All of these steps will definitely work if the constipation is not severe or chronic. In case of chronic constipation you must visit your doctor. To cure the problem, you should use Unani (hakeemi) medicines as most of these do not have adverse affects and these are very safe and effective also. Some useful Unani medicines are as below. HABBE KABID NAUSHADARI, HABBE PAPITA, HABOOB MUQAWWI MEDA, ITRIFAL MULAYYIN, MAJOON DABEEDUL WARD etc.

There are a number of medicines for this ailment which are prescribed according to the condition of patient, his temperament, season, age of patient and according to the physique of a person. These medicines must be used after consultation with an experienced and learned Hakim (Unani physician).
Have a long and healthy life.

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