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Nadja Medley, daughter Payton missing as Michael ‘Mike’ Bullinger being hunted

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Her friends are concerned about her well-being. Nadja Medley is untraceable ever since authorities announced that they were trying to locate her boyfriend Michael “Mike” Bullinger. As many as three dead bodies of women were found at his home.

Despite launching a manhunt for Michael “Mike” Bullinger, authorities haven’t yet listed him as suspect and are searching for him as they claim he failed to report the death to authorities.

Nadja Medley has been unreachable for the last couple of days and this has made her friends and relatives very nervous. The woman, according to her friends, had moved to Idaho with Michael “Mike” Bullinger very recently. Despite the fact that she isn’t traceable, police are yet to classify her as missing.

Authorities claim that three dead bodies of women were discovered from a shed just outside Michael’s home in Caldwell, Idaho. The women were discovered after his son called to request a welfare check, worried that he hadn’t heard from his dad. Each woman reportedly died of a single gunshot wound to the head. Police suspect the three died some two weeks ago. The identities of the three women are yet to be found out.

Reports suggest that authorities have been stunned by the three murdered women and the lack of their identities. They are trying to use DNA and dental records to identify the women. Michael was last seen in Ogden, Utah ten days ago, Deputy Chief Marv Dashiell said. He may be driving a white 2007 Ford Focus, license plate 129 UMP. He’s 60 years old, 6-foot-1, and 240 pounds, with gray hair and brown eyes. Police say he’s armed and dangerous and if you see him, don’t approach him but call 911.

The 48-year old Nadja Medley has reportedly been dating Michael for more than two years. She, according to her friends changed her relationship status on Facebook, from single to in a relationship.

Nadja had reportedly moved to Idaho with Michael and her daughter Payton. Authorities say that property records showed that Michael co-owned the house with his wife, 57-year-old Cheryl Baker. Byron Baker, Cheryl’s brother, told the Idaho Statesman that his sister is missing and he hasn’t heard from her for about 10 days. She and Michael were selling a home in Ogden, Utah and moving to their new home in Caldwell, Idaho. Byron said he had no idea who else might have been at the property, and rumors he’s been hearing have only brought more questions.

Reports suggest that one of Cheryl’s friends received a message from Cheryl that read “Take care of my dogs. I don’t know if I’m coming back.” She lived in Ogden, and she wrote on Facebook that her boyfriend had asked her and her daughter to move to Idaho to be with him once he got a more secure job. She later posted about moving to a new home in Boise in May and then shared happy photos of the property where she lived, talking excitedly about being there and how they planned to move their horses to the property in just a couple weeks. A KTVB report said that Nadja was a massage therapist and a German immigrant.

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