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Muzaffarnagar riots 2013: No justice, survivors fend for themselves

Muhammad Rizwan Ansari

Muzaffarnagar: It is three years when this Western Uttar Pradesh town suffered its most horrific riots in the history. While this city is not new to communal tension, what happened here in the year 2013 is a black spot that can never be forgotten by the Muslims of the area.

Three years ago, on the intervening night of 7th and 8th September, the dance macabre that was orchestrated in the city and the surrounding towns and villages by the VHP, Bajrang Dal and Bhartiya Kissan Union can put even devil to shame. On the very same night dozens of Muslim youth were slaughtered with impunity, many women were raped and close to fifty thousand people were forced to leave their hearth and home, fearing for their lives and honor.

The memories of those haunted nights create shudders among the people who suffered at the hands of rioters who acted without any fear of law enforcement agencies. In many place, these elements were supported by the police.


This was the day when many people lost their fathers, mothers, sisters, daughters, sons, brothers and many close relatives. Some other people were forced to hide in agriculture lands to save themselves from the rampaging attackers who had a single aim of destroying the Muslims’ properties, killing their men and raping their women.

There are people who are still living in camps as they cannot go back to their homes fearing for their lives. They spend their time in very badly managed camp. While talking to this correspondent, Farzana, who belongs to village Katka says that he son was killed in front of her own eyes and her home was put on fire by rioters. She said that somehow she sneaked out of her house with her daughter and hid in a jungle before somehow managing to reach Shahpur camp.

The story of Khalil Ahmad from Muhammadpur Raisingh is no different. He says his whole house was destroyed in the mayhem.

Nonetheless the story of Abdullah from village Phukana is the worst of them all. He started crying as soon as this correspondent asked him to recount what happened that night. Abdullah said that following the Mahapanchayat of BJP and Bajrang Dal in Nangla Mandor, village elders assured his family that nothing will happen and asked them not to go anywhere. Nonetheless a huge mob of rioters assembled in the village and attacked his house. They mercilessly killed his father, looted the house and then set it on fire. He says that police couldn’t search for his father’s dead body

He further says that the government neither pronounces his father dead nor shows any proof of his life. He said that he went back to his village but was forced to leave the house by villagers.

Sanjida, a resident of the village Kutbi says that she and her family were surrounded by rioters in the presence of police and the village head. She says that she was lucky that somehow more police came and took them to safety. Nonetheless six people of her extended family were slaughtered by the rioters in the presence of police. (Inquilab)

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