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Muslims will teach SP a lesson in UP assembly elections 2017: Meem Afzal

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Lucknow: Congress spokesperson Meem Afzal has expressed his shock over the communal violence in Bijnor. A national spokesperson of Congress Party who has been deployed in Uttar Pradesh in the run up UP assembly election 2017, Afzal said that the Bijnor anti-Muslim violence will further deprive Samajwadi Party of any support from Muslim voters in the state. Four people were killed and eighteen others injured in attack on a Muslim locality in Bijnor.

He claimed that there was an effort to make Bijnor another Muzaffarnagar. Dozens of Muslims were slaughtered in Muzaffarnagar communal violence in the year 2013 and there were reports of many rape cases too. Afzal said that Bijnor incident was a collaborative venture between Samajwadi Party and the BJP.

Mulayam Singh Azam Khan

The media coordinator of the Congress Party in UP said that the incident would have turned into a major communal flare up had the villagers not shown utmost restraint in this regard. He said that had they not shown so much restraint, it would have been another Muzaffarnagar like major communal flare up. He went on to add that BJP wants communal tension to go up before every election.

Afzal added the BJP wants to create a situation where communal incidents continue to occur and people remain divided on religious and communal lines and it continues to benefit from such divide.

He said that the Samajwadi Party had made Himalayan promises with Muslims before the last assembly elections in the state. But it didn’t fulfill a single promise. He said that Samajwadi Party leadership and Akhilesh Yadav government has antagonized the entire Muslim community in the state. He added that the Samajwadi Party has failed Muslims as it failed to protect the Muslim community, their lives, properties and honor.

He further said that Samajwadi Party should realize that after being ditched by it so many times and in so many ways, the Muslim community will never vote for it. It should be kept in mind that the 20 percent Muslim votes helped the SP bag the state in the 2012 assembly elections. Yadavs make merely 10 percent of the state’s population and without Muslim support, Samajwadi party government would have never materialized. (translated from Inquilab)

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