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Indian Muslims need to focus on civil liberties –Muslim intellectuals

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Mumbai: At Anjum Islam, Kareemi Library a seminar titled “Muslim Identity, Truth and Reality” was organised by local Muslim intelligentsia under Bebak Collective Group. The conclusion of the meeting was that the Muslims need to join hands with backward castes and tribes. They need to come together to form a united front and only then will they be able to have a powerful forum that can speak effectively on their behalf.

Tata Institute of Social Science Professor Abdus Shabaan said that Muslims need to support the secular political parties. He said that instead of stressing on reservations for Muslims, the community needs to establish financial and legal aid institutions for Muslims.

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They also need to learn other languages beside Urdu and to give up extremism and popularise the true message of peace from this religion. He said that the government has created different identities for every tribe and caste. This needs to go and Muslims and all the backward tribes and castes need to come together as one and form a bigger community.

He went on to add that that unless we unite, the government will keep victimising the community and keep eradicating the community one by one. He also said that the adhaar card is a conspiracy by the government to steal the identities of the common man.

Waheeda Nainar of Women’s Research and Action Group said that after the findings by Sachar Committee, the effort that has been made for the community is like a drop in the ocean. As a result there has been no change in the poor economic and educational status. And the government also gets away through the loopholes in legalities.

Technical Education Officer Ainul Attar brought to light the very strict rules and regulations of the schemes meant for the neglected and backward communities, which make it difficult for the really deserving to benefit from them. He accused the Muslims of staying ignorant about their rights and opportunities. He said that there are schemes that Muslims can benefit from only if they try to stay aware and strive to learn about them.

He also mentioned that many schemes are out of reach of the Muslims because of their strict terms and conditions, but a few can still be availed by them.

Javed Anand of Indian Muslim for Secular Democracy said that after the Sachar Committee report, data was to be prepared and under an independent Committee, a list of needed work was to be prepared but this was never done and so the work after the report, which was so crucial for Muslim development, remained dormant. He accused the government of staying a mute spectator in this regard till now. (translated from daily Inquilab, Mumbai by Nabila Habib)

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