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Muslims condemn killings of 7 Amarnath yatris in Kashmir

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The killing of seven Amarnath yatirs returning from the pilgrimage in Kashmir has been condemned by all sections of the society. Seven pilgrims were killed in firing by alleged ultras in what is being described by many news outlets as cross firing between police and local ultras.

The firing and the subsequent deaths of pilgrims has been condemned by Muslims across the country. Muslims have taken to social media including Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp to condemn the attack and sympathize with the people who lost their lives. A large number of Muslims are also participating in the demonstration under ‘NotInMyName’ set to be held in Delhi and elsewhere in the wake of the killing.

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Mustafa Sherwani, Chairman of All India Muslim Forum, in a statement said, “I condemn in strongest words the dastardly terrorist attack on Amarnath pilgrims, killing seven and wounding dozens. Such heinous crimes must invoke public outrage from every corner, irrespective of politics, faith, caste and creed. These horrendous tragedies must offer the nation an opportunity to reaffirm our resolve to eliminate the culture of violence from our land, and stand up as a unified entity against the enemies of humanity”.

Obaid Siddiqui, a former BBC journalist, in a Facebook post condemned the attack calling it a cowardly act. “Words are not enough to condem the cowardly attack on the Amaranth yatris after a long time. Because of a difficult hilly terrain they are always vulnerable like sitting ducks. The plates of the security forces are already full to make the yatra safe and successful and the looking after and solving the security issues is just like the proverbial straw on camel’s back. This attack shows the megnamity of security situation and indicative of this ominous fact that foreign militants have infiltrated in the valley after a long time in large numbers because local militants always refrain from attacking the tourists because they don’t want to scare away their bread and butter providers with no obvious gain”, said Siddiqui.

A film critic and renowned journalist Ziya Us Salam while condemning the attacks on pilgrims said, “Woe to those who kill the innocent. One innocent human being killed in Amarnath or elsewhere is like entire humanity killed. May Allah guide those gone astray and provide solace to the families of the departed. Down with terrorism, whatever its colour”.

Zartab Haider Jafri on his Facebook wall said, “India is going to Dogs !! This bloodshed in the name of religion and politics is so Ugly that words fail to describe it…Heart goes out to the Amarnath Yatra Victims , May they rest in peace and may the perpetrators and the masters of such heinous crime rot in hell ! Certainly #NOTINMYNAME….Is this all really happening in India ??? Unbelievable …This is not “India” for which freedom fighters laid their lives..This is the time to stand together as one nation against all kind of bloodshed and killings.”

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