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Muslim Law Board asserts religious freedom is constitutional right in huge conference


Jaipur: Muslims shouldn’t get disheartened with recent change of government in UP and other places. The change of governments is not going to harm Muslims in the country if the community works hard on its basics and minimizes divisions dissecting the community in different small groups and sub-groups. This was the main message, sent out loud and clears during the just concluded All India Muslim Personal Law Board Public Meeting.

On the last and second day of All India Muslim Personal Law Board Public Meeting, the audience was guided and advised to follow the correct form of shariah and have their problems and questions answered in the Daarul Qaza.

In the morning a session for women was organized in the Eidgaah ground. It was attended by around 20,000 ladies. The deep knowledge about religious matters and their strong faith was on brilliant display during the session.

After the evening prayers post sundown an open public session for men was organized in the enormous Karbala ground where the strength of audience reached hundreds of thousands of people. Among the dignitaries addressing the vast audience were Maulana Syed Wali Rahmani, General Secretary of All India Muslim Personal Law Board.

Maulana Rahmani clearly told the audience that the interference of the government in the matters of faith is unacceptable.

The speakers stressed that the solution to most problems and guidance is present in Sunnah and in the Quran. So it is necessary for people to go to Darul Qaza instead of courts when faced with a problem. During this session the stage of Darul Qaza in Jaipur was used and Maulana Anzaar Ahmad was declared Qazi Shariat in the Darul Qaza.

All the advocates and Qazi present in the session were urged to also provide counseling to both contestants of the problem, along with solutions according to shariah, because often small problems become too big without counseling.

Maulana Rahmani spoke about the ongoing case of triple talaq in Supreme Court. Rahmani said that the decision of the court is a matter of future, but the current declaration by the Muslims is that they are not afraid of any propaganda and religious freedom is their Constitutional right and they will keep fighting to protect it.

He added that the Sangh Parivar has raised the issue of triple talaq so that through this it can go ahead and strip all segments of the society of their Constitutional rights. But the Constitution allows everyone to live according to their religious belief. He also added that the few Muslim women and girls who think that they have some well wishers, they are unaware of the big danger in which the Muslims of India are being duped into falling.

Maulana Fazlurraheem Majdadi, chancellor of Jamia Hidaya, Jaipur, said that Islam is the religion where a balance and moderation is maintained between the problems of men and women. These days the government is attacking our shariah in the name of triple talaq and a single group is deliberately propagandizing against shariah law. While targeting such group, the cleric said that the personal law that they are targeting is better and more advanced than all the laws in the world.

Senior religious scholar Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, chairman of Islamic Fiqah Academy, threw light on the importance of the Qaza system of problem solving. This system follows the Islamic shariah law and appoints a judge who is called the Qazi.

Maulana Saifullah elaborated on how all matters of the society can be solved under this system and how Muslims should come to the Qaza system for justice and problem solving. He added that this system promises welfare in both this world and the hereafter. He corroborated his arguments with apt examples of cases that were dealt under the Qaza system during the time of Prophet Muhammad.

Mufti Muhammad Sohrab Nadvi (Amaarat Shariah) gave hope to the Muslims and said that the current situation is bad. Provincial and central governments have changed and the media is misrepresenting Islam and Muslims and making big issues out of nothing. But he added that the main point to remember is that only the government has changed, the Almighty and Protector of all remains the same and will always take care of His followers. He added that there is no cause to feel harassed and troubled. He insisted instead Muslims to solidify their faith even more and follow the Islamic way of life.

The women’s wing of the Board also spoke and its incharge Dr Asma Zahra urged Muslim women to step forward to protect their rights under shariah. She reminded the women of their ancestral rights to their parents’ properties, the need of ease in marriages, and stressed the need of bringing up children on the tenets of Islam instead of the world.

She added that injustice on women is an undeniable truth but Islam or shariah is not to be blamed, rather the society needs to correct itself and not defame the Islamic laws.

Member of Personal Law Board Yasmeen Farouqui said that Muslim women support the Law Board on the decision about triple talaq and around 3.5 crore Muslim women have signed in favour of Personal Law Board’s decision. Other women dignitaries who addressed the audience were Nighat Khan from Lucknow and Mamduha Majid from Delhi. (Translated from Inquilab)

ViewsHeadlines stand: While we support All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPB) on most of the issues, the clerics’ rhetoric on how it was implemented during the time of the Prophet and now is completely misplaced. When the Prophet or other justices delivered judgment they had the state power to implement the judgment. But the Qazis working in the Sharia courts of AIMLB or other such bodies are toothless tigers. They cannot punish if husband refuses to toe its order and its qazis are ill-prepared and not trained to work as judge.

Besides, its stand on triple talaq is completely illogical and has made the Islamic family law as a laughing stock. Due to its mistaken stand on triple talaq, the AIMPLB will not be able to defend polygamy and other issues of much more importance in court in the coming days.

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