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Mother’s Day 2017: Qur’an Quotes, Verses, & Passages, Children’s Responsibilities to Moms


The entire world is celebrating Mother’s Day 2017 today. People make it a point to visit their mothers and share gifts with them. Most of the people have merely this annual relation left with their mothers.

The mom who takes care of her children selflessly in her youth, spending sleepless nights over the years and then making every effort to keep the child happy is usually left to fend for herself in latter part of her life. Children who were the apple of her eyes usually decide to ditch their mother, shift at different localities and then only occasionally visit their mother.

While in her youth and middle age, she can take care of her on her own, the mother needs personal care from her children when she becomes old. But usually children don’t fulfill this responsibility and leave her to fend for herself or send her to old age homes where nurses take care of her. This leaves a huge void in her life. While she desperately seeks to see her children, they rarely come visiting her, let alone take care of her.

Muslims’ holy book Qur’an makes it mandatory for the children to take care of their mothers. Qur’an gives utmost importance to mother and makes it incumbent upon children to take care of their parents, especially the mother when she becomes infirm and old.

Here we copy some Qur’anic verses that specially talk of mothers and children’s responsibilities towards her.
1. “We have enjoined on man kindness to his parents; in pain did his mother bear him, and in pain did she give him birth” (46:15).

2. “Thy Lord hath decreed that ye worship none but Him, and that ye be kind to parents. Whether one or both of them attain old age in thy life, say not to them a word of contempt, nor repel them, but address them in terms of honor. And out of kindness, lower to them the wing of humility, and say: ‘My Lord! bestow on them Thy Mercy even as they cherished me in childhood’ “(17:23-24).

3. “We have enjoined on man and woman kindness to parents; but if they (either of them) strive (to force) thee to join with Me anything of which thou hast no knowledge, obey them not'” (29:8).

4. “We have enjoined on man and woman (to be good) to his/her parents; show gratitude to Me and to thy parents; to Me is (thy final) Goal. If they (parents) strive to make thee join in worship with Me things of which thou hast no knowledge, obey them not; yet bear them company in this life with justice (and consideration) and follow the way of those who turn to Me (in love)” (31:14-15).

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