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Moradabad brass business decimated by demonetisation, notebandi

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Moradabad: Like the rest of the country, demonetisation has hit Moradabad and its numerous brass factories. The brass manufacturers and dealers, who are mostly Muslim, are hit hard by the demonetization that left the country reeling.

Despite the fact that the notebandi happened more than three months ago, its impact is visible on the entire brass industry in Moradabad, known as pitalnagri.

As the UP assembly elections 2017 come close, these factory owners and workers are now firm that they need to teach the BJP a lesson that destroyed their business and rendered them either out of business or unemployed.

The brass business in Moradabad provides employment to thousands of artisans, workers and traders. It is also an important source of foreign exchange. But now all people associated with the brass business sit with a bitter taste in their mouth. It has been calculate that brass business in Moradabad is down by 90%.

Previously the local Muslims voted overwhelmingly for the ruling Samajwadi Party (SP). But demonetisation has greatly strengthened their resolve to vote against SP as well as it failed to provide succour to them at the most difficult time of their lives. Entire families including various generations are involved in the business and so the financial shock goes wide and deep here. Financial experts would call it unemployment of the kind that seeps to every member of the family.

For most, they have lost their family business that had been going on for generations. The people are not trained or educated to do any other work, nor are they mentally prepared to give up and look for work elsewhere and be ready to work under a stranger. This fact is realised by the political parties during the ongoing Assembly Election and none of the candidates representing these constituencies promised jobs to the unemployed people here.

It is not the Muslims alone who are against the BJP. Every man or woman associated with brass business had resolved to vote against the BJP and teach it a lesson. The two constituencies of Moradabad show clear signs that BJP is in a precarious position here. And after reading the writings on the wall, BJP didn’t make much effort to ask for votes here. (Translated from Inquilab)

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