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Muslim lynching incidents – From where lynch mobs get support?

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Bihar, that latest trophy, in the BJP’s hands seems to be going the same way where other BJP ruled states have gone. Immediately after the formation of BJP and JDU government, a prominent Muslim face of RJD in Siwan was gunned down. A couple of days later, three Muslim youth who were carrying buffaloes were mercilessly assaulted. They are still in hospital.

CPI has said that the incident shows that the BJP is back to power in the state. it must be kept in mind that there were no such incidents reported from Bihar despite the sold out media watching every big and small incidents with magnifying glasses.

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It seems Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s words had no impact on his ‘diehard’ followers. After spiraling incidents of lynching, Modi broke his silence, but his words didn’t seem to carry much meaning since he is not taking any concrete steps to curb the menace and apprehend the murders.

With due respect, there is no denying that the difference between Prime Minister Modi’s words and actions are great. So great that despite him holding the authority to stop the anarchy spread over the country in one move, he is choosing to just deliver meaningless sermon without any actual action against the criminals.

After the Gujarat riots of 2002, when Atal Bihari Vajpeyee had asked Modi to follow his “raj dharma”, the then Gujarat chief minister Modi had replied that he is doing just that. Now that Modi asked in media, “what kind of gau raksha is this?”, then he got the reply in the form of the murder of a Muslim youth the very next day in Jharkhand by RSS cadres, then it was the symbolic reply of, “that’s what we are doing!” by the saffron people.

It is not a hidden fact that Modi holds the power to curb all lynching in the country and if people are being lynched across the country then it is because Prime Minister and his mantris are allowing it to happen

After Akhlaq’s murder in Dadri BJP milked the situation to its fullest and made great political gains. BJP leaders like Sanjeev Balyan, Mahesh Sharma and Sangeet Som openly supported the culprits in this case. They went to such an extent that when a culprit died in jail, he was given a martyr’s funeral wrapped in the national flag.

After the murder of Pahlu Khan, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi denied the incident saying no lynching happened. And even after confessions, Gulab Chand Kataria said that it was not the fault of gau rakshaks. Even when it was proved and well known that Pahlu Khan and his companion were not smugglers but had bought the cow for their dairy, Kataria said, “Why do people smuggle cows in the first place? Gau Rakshaks only stop these smugglers!”

The manner in which Haryana’s Junaid was lynched in a train shocked the whole country. But one Muslim saffron leader claimed that the fear of Muslims is imagined and not real.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh expressed his condolences after Junaid’s murder but got away saying it is a matter of state rivalry. Even if it were a rivalry of states, he is the Home Minister, doesn’t it fall within his domain?

When some Hindu properties were burnt by incensed Muslim mobs in 24 Parganas, West Bengal, governor Tripathy writhed and got into a war of words with Mamta Bannerjee over the issue. We condemned the burning of properties and people should certainly be punished for the crimes. But see the difference. The Center was alerted, security forces were deployed and within hours the Center was seeking hourly reports, and actively trying to curb the disturbance. Was it because here the victims were not just Muslims?

Doesn’t it invariably hint that in the country now Muslim life does not hold value? It is no more a crime to murder or lynch a Muslim. You can wrap a saffron cloth and unleash violence against Muslims, it will be overlooked. The last three years’ crime records state this obvious truth. You can easily get away with murdering a Muslim.

BJP is reaping political benefits after dealing in this business of hate. But it is a matter of wisdom that power gained over the foundation of hate in the country does not last long. While terrorising one community and allowing violence, works for a time, it does not take long for the hate and violence to go out of control and engulf the whole community. Hate and violence when sown, do not distinguish between religions, and burn the society from within.

These are good days in political terms for the saffron camp. BJP is winning without Muslim votes, but for how long? 20% of votes cannot remain unsalable in a democracy for long.

BJP think tank is of the opinion that if Muslims are provoked, they would entangle with the saffron brigade and then it would be easier to fan the flames of nationalism in the majority community. But things are not really going this way with the victimized community. Other than a rare retaliation, Muslims haven’t gone violent against the saffron brigade. Muslims of the country are showing a great level of wisdom in not taking to violence and preferring to protest peacefully and patiently.


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