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Michael Flynn immunity quote being quoted as his Russia connections are probed: VIDEO

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Washington: Michael Flynn may become a victim of his own past comments. Merely last year, General Michael Flynn had told the media in a grand manner, “When you are given immunity, that means that you’ve probably committed a crime”.

Now as the fired Donald Trump official demands immunity before testifying in a case of national importance, his own words might be hounding him. And if he doesn’t really like to remember these words, the media will not let him forget his own words peacefully.

Reports that the sacked former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has said that he is ready to testify in exchange for immunity in the investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia, many people thought that it cannot be true and was just an anti-Flynn campaign. But it turned out to be true.

Michael Flynn’s lawyer says that Flynn “has a story to tell”, but needs to guard against “unfair prosecution”. Now as his contacts with Russia are being analyzed by none other than FBI and the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, things are moving rather very fast.

Robert Kelner who is representing Flynn while talking about it said, “General Flynn certainly has a story to tell, and he very much wants to tell it, should the circumstances permit”. The Wall Street Journal broke the story on March 30 that Flynn has offered to be interviewed in the investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia in exchange for prosecutorial immunity. The former top Trump aid had to resign after questions arose about his communications with the Russian ambassador before Donald Trump’s inauguration; the president broke with Flynn because he believed Flynn had misled Vice President Mike Pence about those conversations. Now the whole media is ago with speculations about the outcome of his story that he is all set to tell the intelligence agencies.

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