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Miami evacuation in pictures: Latest updates, photos and Facebook users’ posts

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More than half a million people are in the process of evacuating from Miami and surrounding areas. Hurricane Irma, now a category 4 storm is all set to hit the town sometimes Sunday. Here are some latest pictures from evacuation zone and latest Facebook posts from citizens and their worried friends and relatives elsewhere.


Brian Russell in a Facebook post says:

Latest thoughts on Hurricane Irma….. It looks like it will be the worst case scenario for Florida with Miami taking a direct hit from a strong cat 4 hurricane. I cannot stress the importance of taking this storm seriously. NOW is the time for action and evacuation….. DO NOT take the attitude of “we have been thru this before, it wont be so bad” This hurricane has already claimed at least 13 lives in its path and is unprecedented. No one knows what to expect from this hurricane and if it stays on its latest forecasted track it will bring unprecedented devestation to south Florida. I cannot stress the importance of evacuating NOW and TAKE YOUR PETS with you…. Animal shelters are over full with pets from hurricane Harvey and leaving your pets behind spells certain death for your furry friends. Please take this storm seriously and if you refuse to…. write your name and drivers licence number in permenant marker on both arms so you can be identified during recovery operations.

Lori Kwoka says:

This is not Andrew, It is not Matthew. This beast is unlike anything this generation has ever seen, let alone “ridden out”. Pay attention to the storm surge warnings and evacuation information.
At work we take the calls and see the pictures from Sandy (still), and every Hurricane and TS in between. Every day in so many ways we are reminded of how absolutely devastating even 4 feet of water can be. And yet – homes can be rebuilt, possessions can be bought. The safety of your family is worth so much more than the hours of discomfort you may face while evacuating.

Josh Debolt says:

If you haven’t left. Florida yet you’re a dink. There are only a small few people who have a reason for staying such as military, police, fire and rescue etc…but every other person should have already ready got the f*** out. I don’t buy the whole some people don’t have the means or ability to leave. The busses run every day, they have been telling people to evacuate for days. There has been plenty of time to get enough money for a bus ticket and get out for anyone no matter how poor or destitute with no car or whatever. There is no excuse for staying and putting yourself or the rescue personnels lives in danger by staying. Plus Florida has been offering services to get anyone out who needs to go and doesn’t think they have the ability. No excuses at all to be staying.
This is and will be the worst hurricane our modern world has ever seen. If that is not enough reason to get out then you’re a fool.

Joe Weaver, while writing on his Facebook page says:

With Irma bearing down on Florida, I am interested to see how Miami’s tallest buildings hold up to 150+ mph winds. It’s Civil Engineers vs. Mother Nature. Who will win? I am rooting for the Civil Engineers! But if Mother Nature wins, I hope the area is evacuated and cameras are rolling. Here is interesting article from 5 years ago that discusses how these buildings are designed to sway in the wind and it does not sound like a fun place to ride out a storm…

Bill Israel says:

In what spokesman Michael Hernandez describes as “the biggest evacuation in history,” Miami-Dade has expanded its mandatory evacuations orders to Zone C, forcing over 650,000 to leave Florida in a “traffic nightmare” as Cat-5 Hurricane Irma bears down.
An earlier order included just Miami Beach, other low-lying and barrier island areas and all mobile-home residents, but as the storm grew in intensity and the cone of uncertainty narrowed, County Mayor Carlos Gimenez issued the order this afternoon expanded to Zone C.

Adal Goatlover says:

I know a lot you have heard the news about a hurricane affecting Miami…it will affect Miami around Sunday. Not here yet, we are prepared for the worst, although, with the force of this hurricane, no one knows what will happen.
We do not live in an evacuation area, which means we will ride the storm in our house. We have a windows and doors protection system that we’ll put up today.
Thank you for your concern. Once the storm has passed, we will report, if we still have Internet and electricity.

Derek Auguste‎ says:·

Great Morning Miami 1st Platoon,
Over the past week, our platoon members have engaged in support efforts on two fronts. First, we had members who self-deployed to support clean up efforts in Houston after the effects of Hurricane Harvey. Then, locally, our platoon activated a preparation response team to help board up and lock down nearly 20 homes. While there is no way to measure the number of lives saved by these actions, it is safe to say lives have been saved.
I have witnessed platoon members working tirelessly. Through pain, anxiety, and exhaustion, our platoon performed extraordinarily well.
I urge our platoon members to wrap up any projects they are working on and begin to secure their own area where they will stay for the storm or if they are going to evacuate, to begin driving now to avoid being caught on the road.
Be safe! We are going to be needed in the coming days to report for duty in our community. We have a responsibility to our community and our fellow platoon members to be ready to answer the call to serve again.
See you on the other side!!! Charlie Mike!

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