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Memorez Clark Rackley, son killed by Jeremy Patterson in Sandy, Utah shooting – Photos

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SANDY — A mother and her son were killed in broad daylight shooting in Sandy. One of her sons was also grievously injured in the same shooting incident, while a girl, not the woman’s child was also injured in the shooting incident. The girl is reportedly out of danger, though the second son of the woman is still in ICU.

Authorities claim that the police responded following intense shooting was reported from 2200 E. Alta Canyon Drive (8600 South) at about 3:45 p.m.

Sandy Police Sgt. Jason Nielsen was quoted as saying that some good Samaritan had helped the woman with her two sons who had come out from a nearby elementary school, where the kid studied.

A man rammed his vehicle into the car being driven by a woman. He is reported to have come out of his vehicle and fire at the woman and her children from very close rank, killing the woman and one of her sons on the spot and grievously injuring another son of the woman. Official said that the woman who was driving the car was not injured, but her young daughter also sustained injuries. Later the shooting suspect was also found dead. He apparently died due to self-inflicted wounds.

In the meantime, a woman who witnessed the entire incident was quoted by the KUTV as saying that the man blocked the woman’s car before opening fire. “He walked out of his car, went to his passenger side, pulled out a handgun and walked toward the [woman’s] car and shot the window out,” Finau said. The other son of the victim, a fifth-grader who had been walking on the road, was in critical but stable condition, authorities said. He had reconstructive surgery on his jaw, Haney told KUTV, and will have to have at least one more surgery.

Police officials have reportedly identified the suspect as Jeremy Patterson, 32. He had been in a relationship with the woman who was killed, 39-year-old Memorez Rackley, police said in a statement that did not disclose details about a possible motive. Rackley was married to another man but Nielsen did not provide more details. Authorities also did not identify the female driver or her daughter.

In the meantime, Angel Herring, a cousin of Memorez Rackley in a long post on Facebook condoled her death.

I haven’t had the words to express the emotions I am feeling toward my Cousin Memorez Clark Rackley passing and I really don’t think I ever will. As a child I recall some fantastic time of just us kids playing outside and toys became about anything we could create or imagine, the BBQ and fishing trips and the older we got the less and less we seen each other and communication became by telephone and then just at family gatherings, how much I wish I would’ve spend more time with the ones who has past and I say to myself make a effort to try to get to know the ones still here.I would like to ask to have the family know I am here to find out what makes us family Bullock, Chacon and Herring. I know that time just goes on by and I have some wonderful Aunt, Uncles who have kids (cousin) to me and cousins with little ones too. I will try my hardest to communicate if you can do so too. Shoot me a message with #s, name and picture of who and who you may call family and important dates b-days, anniversary and I’ll do the same. Life is to dang short to just let the time me go by I will forever remember the little girl and wish I would’ve met her boy. To Jack,Travis, Esther and Dustin family I am sorry for your loss and the pain you have adored keep the memories of goods times and laughter, for she is in heaven with the ones who have past and we towill join them someday

Douglas Bullock, another cousin of Rackley posted a very long message on her page, praising the departed soul and expressing her admiration to her.

With the senseless murder of my cousin Memorez and her five year old child, coping with the violent death of a loved one–by murder, accident, or suicide–is one of the most severe challenges anyone can face. If you and your family have experienced such a loss, you have my deepest sympathy. When the agony begins, it can be impossible to imagine that there is any way to ever find the slightest relief from the ordeal. On top of experiencing the natural pain of any loss, you find yourself particularly vulnerable to two of the harshest aspects of the grief process: self-punishment and chaos.

The circumstances of a sudden, violent death thrust survivors without warning, and often without any direction or adequate support, into a pool of torment where emotions batter and rage without mercy. At the same time, you are often required to deal with unfamiliar responsibilities, unrealistic demands, and painful intrusions (from the judicial system, the media, the medical world) that result from the violent death. All of this creates a high level of personal chaos and confusion. Especially in the early hours and days of trying to understand what happen to cause your loved one’s death, both the emotional punishment and the chaotic disorder may expand and intensify until they seem to be almost beyond human endurance.

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