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Megan Rondini parents file lawsuit against allege rapist, school employees, others – Photos

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Megan Rondini’s parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit. The parents of Megan Rondini, a former student of the University of Alabama who committed suicide after alleging that she had been raped by a Tuscaloosa man have said that their daughter had to endure unprecedented humiliation that forced her to take her own life.

Megan Rondini’s parents Michael and Cynthia Rondini have reportedly filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit against her alleged rapist, two university employees, the Tuscaloosa County sheriff, a sheriff’s deputy, and a sheriff’s office investigator. Her parents have alleged that the man who is accused to have raped the woman was a very well-connected man.


Michael and Cynthia Rondini claim that the University of Alabama and police officials actually made their daughter to take the extreme step of taking her own life. The lawsuit claims that the sheriff’s office didn’t handle the case professionally and failed to pursue the investigation. The two also claimed that police officials didn’t take their daughter’s case seriously.

Her parents claim that their bright daughter was raped in July 2015. Her mother Cindy Rondini was quoted by the CBSNEWS as saying, “”I had already said like I needed to leave, and he just wasn’t really responding to that…I feel like I wanna like throw up”.

The family’s attorney, Leroy Maxwell Jr. says that the lawsuit has been filed with the sole intention that it would prevent cases similar in future.

The attorney was quoted by the as saying, “There was a mediation with the Rondini family and the university, the details of which are confidential. The Rondini family is not in this for the money, they are only interested in shining a bright light on a tragic yet preventable situation…The court will determine if this case rises to the level of punitive damages.”

Meanwhile the attorney of Terry Bunn Jr., the alleged rapist of the woman has called the case baseless. Bunn works at ST Bunn Construction Company, which is across the street from the Innisfree Pub, where Megan was allegedly drunk or drugged before being raped for 30 minutes in July 2015.

W. Ivey Gillmore, Bunn’s lawyer said, “Law enforcement investigated this matter; the district attorney’s office reviewed the evidence; the evidence was even presented to a grand jury that found there was no justification for charges against my client. It is, perhaps, natural to want to find someone to blame when a young woman takes her life…But accusing law enforcement and those who counseled this young woman for her actions is misguided. Unfortunately, bringing this matter before the courts in this civil action will only prolong grief without changing the reality.”

(Source: CBSNews)

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