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MCD election result Delhi 2017- BJP crushes Congress, AAP, names of winners

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New Delhi: Another shot in the arms of BJP president Amit Shah. The BJP is again set to win all the three municipal corporations in MCD. Elections were held in the national capital on 23rd March and counting is under way.

As projected in the two exit polls, the saffron party is heading to landslide in all the three municipal corporations. The Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party are fighting for the distant second and third spot. While BJP is improving over even its previous performance, the Congress will see its political wilderness extending to its old bastion.

While Congress leaders will claim that the BJP was in power and that the Congress had nothing to lose, it will express satisfaction over its performance comparing with the last assembly elections when the party drew a blank in Delhi assembly and Arvind Kejriwal led AAP winning all but three assembly seats in Delhi assembly.

While initially the Congress party was looking set to grab the second spot, but later, Kejriwal led party seems to be the number two, though very distant. If the trend stays, and it is expected to stay, Kejriwal will have some tough time tackling questions about his failure to lead the part to a single political win since the last assembly elections in Delhi.
It should be kept in mind that at 9:30 a.m. the BJP had already touched the halfway mark, leading in 56 of 94 wards for which leads were in for the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) North. A party needs 52 to win the 104-ward municipality. When it comes to South Delhi, where the BJP had fallen short of a majority last time, the party was already ahead in 66 of 100 wards for which leads were in. The MCD South too has 104 wards and a party needs 52 to win.  As far as East Delhi corporation is concerned, , the BJP led in 41 of 59 wards for which leads were in. The MCD East is the smallest with 64 wards, and a party wins with 32.



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