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Massacre of civilians in Aleppo: Are they not even worth a baby whale?

By İlnur Çevik

Those who tear the world apart to save a stranded baby whale, why are you so insensitive to the plight of the innocent civilian people of Aleppo who are being butchered everyday by the Assad regime and their Iranian supporters?

Those who cry over an aged tree and risk their lives trying to save it from the axes of insensitive municipalities, why are you so insensitive as the children of Aleppo are forced into starvation by the Assad regime?

The members of the Green movement all around the globe who try to save nature from the monster of industrialization, why are you so silent as the Assad bombers continue to raise the two remaining districts of Aleppo to the ground and bury the innocent civilians under the rubble?


The so-called freedom loving international NGOs, why are you so silent as thousands of women and children are being butchered in the streets of Aleppo?

The world hypocrites who raise hell for conserving the earth simply look the other way as tens of thousands of civilians are being massacred in the streets of Aleppo.

The situation has become impossible in the ancient city as thousands await their death in the hands of the Assad regime. Turkey has been pushing the United Nations as well as Russia to help open a corridor for at least the remaining people of Aleppo to flee the city. Yet even that is being denied.

We are deeply frustrated with the insensitivity displayed by the international community as everyone is aware of the massive tragedy being staged in Aleppo and they just look the other way.

We are deeply disappointed to see no one who can have an impact and force Assad and his Iranian allies to halt the genocide is lifting a finger.

We are resentful as we observe the United States and European Union countries that preach us high ideals just sit in the sidelines and watch the suffering in Aleppo.

Despite all this, Assad’s forces and his Iranian allies continue to bomb what is left of Aleppo, the Syrian Kurdish militants supported by the United States are also on hand to batter the remaining opposition forces in Aleppo. Assad’s forces have destroyed the infrastructure of Aleppo and have denied water and electricity to the millions of Aleppo. These are all happening under the watchful eyes of the international observers. Isn’t there anyone to tell the world the true story?

The Iranians, the Shiite militia are as responsible for the carnage in Aleppo as the Assad regime. They have to see that Aleppo is only a battle in the overall struggle and the day will come when the Iranians as Assad will be made to pay for the bloodbath he and his supporters have caused. The same goes for the Syrian Kurds who should be more sensitive to the plight of the oppressed people in Syria than any other ethnic group. Yet they too have ganged up with Assad who denied them their basic rights and did not even give them citizenship.

Today we see that the world is silent, we are all crying and the people of Aleppo are dying. How can all this happen during the 21st century?

Courtesy: Daily Sabah

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