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Marines photo scandal 2017- nude pictures uncovered is just ‘tip of the spear’

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Washington: If reports are to be believed, the US Marines nude photo scandal’s scope is much, much bigger than previously thought. It has now transpired that the scandal may be spread across all the branches of the United States’ military.

Latest revelations are going to be very disturbing for not just Pentagon, but for the military top brass. Besides, it is going to negatively impact the image of different branches of the military.

A CBSNews report says that Defense Department officials are looking into the online outlets through which Marines shared nude photographs of women. Many of these photographs, widely shared by marines involved female marines. While some of the pictures might have been taken with the consent of these women marines, many of them were reportedly not taken with their consent.

While the issue of sexual abuse of the women in the US army has been discussed in detail in the past, the latest revelations and the ongoing investigation make many believe that the discrimination is systematic and runs deep.

The issue might have been brushed under the carpet had a website known for publishing celebrity nude photos not got it published. Anon-IB first reportedly is known across the US and beyond for publishing nude pics of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence. The website also has a message board for military personnel where men from all branches of the military exchange comments and nude photos of female service members, sometimes identifying them by name and/or duty station.

After going through, it is more than evident that many of the images put on the website are pure porn, others are innocent snap shots followed by requests for wins, slang for nude photos.

This message board is not the only such forum where such pictures are shared and comment largely by the military personnel. Reports of a similar Facebook group called Marines United also saw US marines sharing nude images of fellow female marines. If reports are to be believed, this group has more than 30000 members.
Meanwhile, reports suggest that criminal investigation in the matter has been launched. Senior Master Sgt. Ronald Green, reportedly informed the Congress that Marines United is just the “tip of the spear.” So certainly, more such details are set to come out in the coming days and months.

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