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Marine Le Pen boyfriend Louis Aliot not to be First Monsieur of France – Photos

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France will vote today in crucial presidential elections. There are signs that the true fight will take place between two candidates, Marine Le Pen, the 48-year-old leader of France’s far-right National Front (FN) Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron, the 39-year old centrist independent candidate.

Emmanuel Macron is the youngest candidate in the fray. The best thing about him is the fact that he has never run for elected office, though has served as an economy minister. He is famed for “Macron law” to promote economic growth and opportunities. He founded the En Marche! movement in April 2016 before resigning from the cabinet on 30 August.

On the other hand, Marine Le Pen is a far right candidate who is dead against immigration and has an exclusivist agenda. She wants to come out of Euro zone and has been campaigning against the inclusive character of the French society.

There are concerns that as the it will be a very closely fought contest, particularly between four of the total eleven candidates in the race. The fact that there are 11 candidates may prevent a decisive victory, with many analysts predicting that a vote of over 50 percent, required for an outright win, is unlikely to be achieved by any of the leading contenders. In the event that no candidate secures an absolute majority, a second round of voting – pitting the two top candidates against each other – will take place on May 7.

In the meantime, the focus is on Marine Le Pen and everything related to her. The focus is also on Louis Aliot, her boyfriend of the last several years. The 47-year old Louis Aliot is the Vice-President of her far-right Front National party and thus a year younger to her.

While the two have children with their previous marriages, they don’t have any kids together. Le Pen is the mother of three kids from her first husband, Frank Chauffroy, with whom she was married from 1995 to 2000. Louis Aliot has two kids from his previous marriage.

Reports suggest that Le Pen and Aliot have been dating for the last eight years. The took their relationship to the next level when they bought a house together in Millas in 2010.
A report in the L’Independent, while discussing the news said, “The purchase of this house is strictly part of my private life. I will [go there] to spend a few weekends and a few holidays, [but] there is nothing extraordinary and I will not continue to feed any curiosity in this regard”.

Till now he has tried to stay out of focus from elections rather successfully. He has been quoted as saying, “I will not be a minister, nor will I be a prime minister, nor will I be the First Lady…You do not vote for a couple to be President, but for a man or a woman. Partners should have nothing to say” he said as a matter of fact to a leading journalist.

He canvassed for his sweetheart in the last elections in 2012 and even went to Israel to convince Israel-French citizens. He reportedly told leading left leaning newspaper, Haaretz, “The Frenchmen we met in Israel all strongly believe that Marine is not the monster they might have thought. They share our stance with regard to immigrants in France…By contrast, we have a very balanced position on the peace process, while the French people we met in Jerusalem are far more nationalistic. Sometimes they say things that we can’t say in France.” He might have been sent to Israel due to his Jewish roots. He was born in Toulouse to French parents born in Algeria and his maternal grandfather was an Algerian Jew.

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