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Maria Guadalupe Torres, Rene Espinoza Martinez Sr. & Jr arrested in Antonio Botello-Arreola murder

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SANTA ROSA, Calif. – Three people of a family are accused of a premeditated murder of a 25-year old man. The young man’s body was discovered along a creek outside Santa Rosa.

Police suspect that the family consisting of a woman, her husband and her son conspired to kill a 25-year old Clearlake man and then ambushed him, shooting him dead on the spot. The three left his body on the spot and returned to their home.

The three have been identified as 40-year old Maria Guadalupe Torres, her husband, 40-year old Rene Espinoza Martinez Sr., and their son, 20-year old Rene Espinoza Martinez Jr. The three have been charged in connection with the death of Antonio Botello-Arreola, 25.

Police sources suggest that the woman was in relationship with Antonio Botello-Arreola. The man was killed when his affair with Torres was discovered. They believe she double-crossed him by arranging the meeting on Porter Creek Road early Friday morning where authorities said Torres, who had ridden with Botello-Arreola to the site, exited the car when a second vehicle arrived. Someone in that vehicle began shooting at Botello-Arreolo, who fled out the passenger door and fell down a ravine, where his body was found later that morning.

Antonio Botello-Arreola’s dead body was discovered by California Highway Patrol. It was riddled with bullet holes and blood. Police claim that the woman was “a lengthy romantic relationship with the victim”.

Sonoma County Sheriff’s Sgt. Spencer Crum said, “Maria’s husband and son recently became aware of this relationship and didn’t approve”. The officer said that police found evidence of the woman and her from a motel inside the van and identifying her through check-in information and surveillance video, Crum said.



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