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Know what Ayodhya temple priest said about madrasas while condemning Rizvi

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Lucknow: As the head of Uttar Pradesh’s Central Shia Waqf Board called the madrasas bomb making factories that produced terrorists and demanded a complete ban on Muslim religious seminaries across the state, a Hindu priest from temple town of Ayodhya has come forward to defend madrasas. He said that madrasas in Indian provide education to poor and marginalized and have produced many tall leaders over centuries.

Waseem Rizvi who is facing numerous cases of corruption and fraud against him for the last several years, has tried to become a tool in the hands of the BJP government in the state by his anti-Muslim statements. He has tried to keep the state government in good humor by repeatedly attacking Muslim institutions to save his skin and save himself from a looming CBI inquiry as demanded by the Central Waqf Council.

Mosque at Darul Uloom Deoband

Rizvi while claiming madrasas to be breeding ground of terrorists said, “Running a madarsa has become lucrative business for mullahs who collect donation and `zakat’ from society. The kind of education imparted in these religious institutions is only breeding ignorance and unemployment. Such madarsas are flourishing more in rural areas…These madarsas are causing immense harm to the society as students passing out from these institutions are cut off from the mainstream and lack skill for any employment. They either remain unemployed or become mullah and open a new madarsa,’’ argued Rizvi.

If that was not enough, he further said, “How many madrasas have produced engineers, doctors, IAS officers? But some madrasas have produced terrorists. In West Bengal, the police had detected a terror module where madarsas were imparting training for bomb manufacturing and as per another report as many as 58 madarsas were found to be having links with `Jihadist outfits”.

While Muslims across the board have condemned him and asked the government to take action against him, a Hindu priest from Ayodhya’s Hanuman Gadhi Mandir has condemned the statement of Waseem Rizvi, calling him ignorant of the bright history of the institutions.

Mahant Ram of the Hanuman Gadhi Mandir of the historic town of Ayodhya said that madrasas provide quality education and added that Muslim religious seminaries have produced exceptional leaders. He further said that the former President and missile man of India APJ Abdul Kalam had also studied in madrasa.

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