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Madrasas in Uttrakhand ordered to put Narendra Modi pictures

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New Delhi: BJP government in Uttrakhand has ordered the madrasas in the state to put pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in their offices and premises. The state government, according to a report in Urdu daily, Inquilab, has taken a tough stand against madrasas that don’t follow the state government diktats.

Madan Kaushik, a cabinet minister in the state government has said that tough action will be taken against those madrasas that don’t follow the state government order.

The order to put Prime Minister’s photos in madrasas are meant for only those madrasas that are fully or partially funded by the state government.

Haji Muhammad Akhlaq Ansari, the deputy director of the Uttrakhand Madrasa Board has said that there are 297 government funded madrasas in the hill state. He said that a circular has been issued to all these madras. He further said that private funded madrasas that don’t avail government grants are out of the purview of the current order. He said that the Uttrakhand Madrasa Board cannot take action against them.

It is needless to say that the order has caused uproar among the Muslims of the state. Many of the ulama in the state have criticized the government order calling it anti-Muslim.

Qari Nasim Ahmad Manglori, a Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind activist and a madrasa manager says that madrasas are religious schools where religious education in imparted to students. He said that according to Islam displaying photos of any person, living or dead is completely prohibited. He said not just madrasas, putting photos and pictures on display in homes too was completely prohibited by Islam.

The cleric went on to add that there was an effort to make the madrasas and their education ineffective and thus the increased intervention of the government in the affairs of the Muslim seminaries.

He said that this was the reason that many madrasas didn’t want to get affiliation from government run madrasa board. But some fell in line after assurances from madrasa board officials that they will not intervene in the running of the institutions or their syllabus. He said if such interventions continue, many madrasas will opt out of the Uttrakhand Madrasa Board.

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