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London Grenfell Tower building fire -Muslim mosque opens shelter for all

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Muslims in the area close to the London apartment where the fire almost completely gutted the 27-story building have come out to support the survivors. The management of Al-Manaar Mosque and Centre have opened their gates for the public to take shelter in the mosque. The mosque management is providing food and other essentials to anyone and everyone from any religious or irreligious background.

In a statement released to the media and put on its website, the management of the mosque said, “Al-Manaar Mosque and Centre are open for use as a temporary shelter by anyone affected by the fire at Grenfell Tower. Anyone of any faith or no faith is most welcome to walk in to have some rest, sleep, and or have some water and food. Al-Manaar staff and volunteers will also be trying to deliver water, dates, and other emergency essentials to the affected area.

Reports suggest there have been numerous deaths in the fire that engulfed Grenfell Tower, a 27-story building last night. London mayor Sadiq Khan said questions need to be answered about the fire advice given to residents. Asked on Radio 4’s Today programme about advice to residents stay inside their flats in the event of a fire (see earlier) Khan said: “Thankfully residents didn’t stay in their flats and fled to safety.

Sadiq Khan further said, “One of the concerns that we have is it’s a 24-storey building but for obvious reasons, with the scale of the fire, our experts weren’t able to reach all the way to the top, so of course these are questions that need to be answered as soon as possible…It’s very distressing, not just for those of us watching as lay people, but also very distressing for the emergency services…We declared a major incident very early, which meant not just the fire service but also the London Ambulance Service, the police and the others were involved at the scene.”

Earlier, police said in a statement they were called at 1.16am (0016 GMT). London Fire Brigade said the fire had engulfed all floors from the second to the top of the Grenfell Tower, where several hundred people lived on the Lancaster West Estate in west London. By early morning, most of the block was a blackened hulk. Clouds of smoke rose into the sky as firefighters sprayed water onto floors within reach of appliances on the ground. More than 50 people have been admitted to different hospitals. A Guardian report said that a mother lobbed her child from 5th floor. The child was catched by a bystander and taken to safety. Many people are said to have jumped out of the windows as the entire apartment building seemed to be on fire.

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