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Lindsey Thomasson, the killer stepmother of 2-year old Presley Porting arrested -Photos

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A mother has a heart of gold, it is said. But there are many mothers who turn monster when it comes to other people’s children. But the way a heartless treated her husband’s two year-old daughter is simply unprecedented.

Lindsey Nichole Thomasson, a Kansas , has reportedly been charged with killing a two year old child. And the child in question was none other her own husband’s daughter. Her ghastly crime is all the more surprising as the 24-year old woman has two kids of her own too.

A very cute two-year old child, Presley Porting, was killed some two months ago. The Gardner Police Department says that initially they didn’t realized that the crime was committed by none other than the step-mother of the beautiful child that Presley Porting was.

Gardner Police Department two Tuesday told the media that the 24-year old woman is being held at the Johnson County Jail on a first-degree murder charge.

Nick Russom, the husband of the Thomasson and the father of the child, according to the police, hasn’t been charged by the authorities as yet.

Reports in February had claimed that the child was found unresponsive. Though the cause of death is yet to be revealed to the common public, authorities at the time of the death had said that the child was breathless and unresponsive when they reached the spot. They had received a call on February 7 from Hickory Street about a girl who wasn’t breathing, KMOV-TV reports. The child was rushed to a local hospital, where she later died, police say. According to WDAF-TV, investigators were seen returning to the Gardner home the day after the toddler died, wearing gloves as they went in and out of the house, removing evidence inside envelopes.

The child’s father, Russom, told WDAF-TV he went to the grocery store with his other 2-year-old daughter, leaving Presley, Thomasson and their 1-year-old daughter at home. Presley was taking a nap. Her husband later told the media “I had to go get some stuff from the store. And we played a little bit and then I put Pressley to bed…He told the news station he knew something was wrong when he walked back into the house…I asked Lindsey to go get Pressley up from nap because I had a snack for her and that’s when Lindsey screamed my name and from there it just wasn’t good”.

“I can’t talk about all that stuff right now because it’s still an ongoing investigation. I can tell you Presley was so well behaved. I mean, everything you asked her to do, she would do it because she was just the perfect little girl. As for Lindsey, I loved her more than anything in the world. I really did. I loved our family and for me, being there with her and my three daughters was the closest to heaven a man could be” he told another media organization later.

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