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Leah Adams Facebook Photos, Pictures, Videos Going Viral, Killer Arrested

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She was all of 19, full of vigor and energy. She and people around her were expecting the best for her and her future. But alas, the destiny seemed to have different plan for her.

Leah Adams, the 19-year old Virginia college student was stabbed to death. Her body, had a massive wound and this was done to her by a ‘beast’ that was said to have studied with her in high school. There are reports suggesting that he was her boyfriend.

The young teenager was found bleeding heavily from a stab wound in an alley in the town of Front Royal at around 8:30 p.m. Initial reports talked about some sort of car accident. So when the police were called, there was apprehension that she was hit by a speeding car.

But later, these reports were denied and it was established that Leah Adams was the victim of stabbing by none other than her own boyfriend who was also her high school classmate.

Her possible boyfriend, boyfriend, 17, was arrested by the police official from the spot and it was revealed that the boy was driving the victim’s car. Adams was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The stab wouldn’t have been so deadly, had it not gone down deep into her chest. In fact, it is being said that the single wound was precisely planned to take her life instantly. In a press release, Front Royal Police Department told the media that Adams died after suffering stab wounds to her chest. The police also informed the press that the boy, whose name has been withheld for being underage, with second-degree murder. If convicted, he could face up 40 years in prison.

Police official say that given the severity of the crime, the boy will be charged as an adult. “She was just trying to break up with him – that was it – and it led to another thing. That is all what she was trying to do, just break up with the guy, and now she lost her life”, a friend of Adams told the Fox.
Her father, Robert Adams, who has is still in shock, told NBC Washington that his daughter had recently moved out of the family home and into her own apartment. The station’s report says that Robert Adams believes his daughter’s boyfriend began acting “strangely” around this time. “It’s possible he was on some type of drug that made him go crazy. They got along very well, so we were shocked to hear everything that happened”, said he.

Her father went on to add, “She had big plans for herself. She had a good job, she was going to school, she worked hard and she was full of personality. She had places to go and it was too soon for her to go…Part of me actually wants to hate the kid, but I have a really strong faith, a really good church, and part of me wants to forgive him.”

Meanwhile, according to Fox 5, the suspect was arrested attempting to break into a home soon after they arrived on the scene. They also found Leah’s damaged car nearby.

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