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Know why rumours of Hindu exodus from Kairana was a poll ploy of BJP

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Lucknow: BJP was caught red handed trying to gain political mileage out of the purported news of some Hindus being displaced from Kairana. To verify the news, Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav had appointed a committee, which submitted its report this past Friday.

The report mentioned in no uncertain terms that Muslims are not responsible for the displacement of Hindus from the communally sensitive town where Muslims and Hindus remained peacefully for centuries.

The committee not just debunked the myth but also urged action against Hukum Singh of BJP for milking the opportunity for his political gains and colouring it with communal undertones.

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It is noteworthy that this news was presented just a day before polling was to begin in the 73 polling constituencies. Chakrapani Singh of Hindu Mahasabha stated that the list submitted by Hukum Singh was untrue and false.

Swami Chakrapani stressed that this incident cannot be viewed as a Hindu versus Muslim issue and neither is the displacement a result of religious or sectarian strife. He agreed to the fact that some Hindus have been displaced from Kairana.

He said that the displacement was voluntary and the Hindus have left the village to go to greener pastures ie metro cities in search of employment. He also said that another reason behind the exodus is that the families were scared and worried of some anti-social elements adversely affecting their lives and felt insecure. Those displaced were Hindus as well as Muslims.

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Seven months ago Hukum Singh had brought up the controversial issue that Muslims in Kairana are victimising Hindus of the area and the latter are forced to flee from Kairana. He compared this to the displacement of Kashmiri Pundits. He had even submitted the list of Hindu families that were displaced from Kairana.

These claims were found to be false by the committee that submitted its detailed report Friday. (Translated from Inquilab)

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