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Know why Delhi Eye’s Giant Wheel dismantled – News in pictures

ViewsHeadlines Correspondent,

New Delhi: A few years ago, Kalindi Kuj, Jamia Nagar, based amusement park, Delhi Eye, saw massive launch of Giant Wheel, the highest not just in the entire National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT) but across India. Bollywood superstar, Shah Rukh Khan, was brought to launch the Giant Wheel in the amusement park.

The Giant wheel in the park was thought to be a showstopper for the amusement park and massive amount was invested in it. Nonetheless, as it never got mandatory licenses, the giant wheel never really started functioning properly.

delhi eye delhi eye1 delhi eye2 delhi eye3 delhi eye4 delhi eye5

The 200 ft Giant Wheel, the company said will holds the attraction to pull masses by offering never-seen-before views of almost half Delhi. Needless to say, just one ride of “Delhi Eye” matches a summarized tour of Delhi. It was largest wheel of India at 200 ft high and had air-conditioned cabins. Every VIP cabin of the giant wheel had leather sofa set, LCD, glass floor and refreshments in cabin.

When ViewsHeadlines asked the Delhi Eye officials as to why the Giant Wheel has been dismantled, they said it didn’t make any sense to keep it when there was no business. Besides, it was occupying a massive space that now can be put to better use.

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