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Know who is selling waqf properties to land sharks for a pittance in Maharashtra

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Beed: Lands under the Waqf Board, worth hundreds of crores of rupees, is being sold for peanuts, it was recently revealed. The Waqf Board was established for the protection of land owned by dargahs, graveyards, mosques, madrasas and khanqahs.

But the current Waqf Board members and government officials are responsible for selling of waqf land for paltry amount to builders. The loss to the Muslim community far outweighs the personal gains that the sellers may have by selling the land to builders , who are erecting malls or other huge buildings on it.

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Though the blame rests mainly on the Waqf Board members, the Muslim community is also guilty of neglecting the corruption going on in the waqf boards. A lot has been lost from under the hands of Waqf Board in Beed, but if no firm action is taken and the community as a whole does not rise to defend what is actually its own, then whatever is left will also slip away very soon.

A senior leader and social worker of Beed, Abdul Khaliq Painter said that currently Beed has about 22,000 properties under the Waqf Board that is now out of the hands of the Muslim Community. These properties were supposed to have belonged to mosques and dargahs.

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He mentioned that Beed Jama Masjid had 334 acres of land, which, thanks to our own people, now is in the hands of others. It belongs to us no more. He added that 62 acres of Idgah land, 9 acres of Hazrat Shah Wali out of which a part was given off to construct paths and roadways, of these INR 3 crore 97 lakh still remains with the collector.

He said that such laws do not exist anywhere and due to these false claims thousands of acres of land is now under the hands of opportunists in the name of rent.

To create awareness about Waqf properties, a public gathering was organised in Beed a few days ago. General Secretary Mirza Abdul Qaiyyoom Nadvi appealed people to support such efforts because never before has such a movement been started in Maharashtra. It needs the help and support of people. (Translated from UrduTimes, Mumbai)

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