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Know in which state of India you get 9 months maternity leave

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Chennai: Many poll promises remain unfulfilled. This has been observed time and again across the country. If you live in any North Indian state or anywhere in much of the country, politicians promise moon, but conveniently forget as soon as they grab power.

Nonetheless, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has fulfilled a poll promises that many thought will remain a pipedream. The wily chief minister of the Southern Indian state has finally fulfilled one of very important poll promises of providing nine months long maternity leave to government employees.

Till now the state government offered her employees six months of maternity leave. The latest announcement is going to further give credence to Jayalalithaa’s image as someone who fulfills her promises.


This is one image that she has tried to cultivate over the last more than five years. Jayalalithaa amazed both her admirers and detractors when she romped home to victory in state assembly election. This is one state where voters rarely return back the ruling party to power.

In the meantime the chief minister has also announced many healthcare initiatives. Unveiling healthcare initiatives worth over Rs 1,400 crore, Jayalalithaa recalled that she had increased the maternity leave to six months after she assumed office as Chief Minister in 2011 from the then previous three months. From 1980 to 2011, women employees were entitled for only 90 days maternity leave, she said in the Assembly.


While talking about it further the chief minister said, “Fulfilling our (AIADMK) electoral promise of increasing maternity leave to nine months for women government employees, I would like to announce that the maternity leave will be increased to nine months”. She unveiled a slew of healthcare initiatives which include extension of ongoing schemes, procurement of diagnostic devices like PET Scan, dialysis equipment, setting up of additional infrastructure like Cathlab and construction of buildings, all together worth over Rs 1,400 crore.

The chief minister said that ongoing healthcare schemes of “Amma Arogya Plan,” “Amma Master Health Check-Up,” and “Amma Master Health Check-Up Plan for Women,” will be extended to Coimbatore, Tirunelveli and Madurai Government Medical College hospitals at a cost of Rs 30 crore. She announced new infrastructure for Chennai-Kilpauk, Madurai and Coimbatore Government Medical College Hosptials at an outlay of Rs 356.50 crore. All requisite diagnostic devices including C-arm and MRI-Scan for the hybrid operating theatres in such hospitals would be procured at a cost of Rs 497.41 crore. She announced similar diagnostic devices and paraphernalia for a slew of other state-run hospitals across Tamil Nadu at a cost of Rs 353.43 crore and new buildings at an outlay of Rs 85.75 crore. She announced Integrated Primary Healthcare Services on a pilot basis in three districts at a cost of Rs 5.93 crore.

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