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Know how this Haji inspired 800 villagers to return dowry amounts to brides’ families

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Ranchi: Around 800 families in Jharkhand have turned the tides and have returned the dowry amount that they got during the wedding of their sons.

While most consider dowry to be a social evil, very few actually do anything about it when it is the wedding time for their sons. And even when some try, they do not necessarily succeed in organising a dowry-free wedding.

Nonetheless, these families from Jharkhand have taken the initiative and are doing their bit to cure the society of this social evil.

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These families from Latehar and Palamu districts of Jharkhand are setting an example that is quite an inspiration for the entire nation.

Haji Mumtaz Ali of Latehar started the movement to eradicate dowry from the society. It was April 2016. Contrary to what many people would have thought, he has been so successful that around 800 families have come forward, confessing to have taken large amounts as dowry from the bride’s family. They have felt remorseful over their action and have now started to return the amount gradually to the bride’s family.

This movement is different from other anti-dowry movements because this takes into account even those families that have done with the wedding and dowry taking. If they have taken a dowry in the past, then they are also making an effort to return the massive amounts to the bride’s family that they received at the time of their son’s wedding.

The inspiring case of these residents is gaining popularity and is expected to inspire even more people in other areas, bringing a positive change in Jharkhand society and even farther away. This positive step has been largely been ignored by media. Dowry is called a bane of society that leeches the poorer families dry and leaves them deep in debt.

It has been reported that between 2012 and 2015 as many as 24,771 lives were lost due to dowry. Often, dowry is the reason behind broken families and soured relationships and sometimes even enmity between families.

Laws do exist against dowry but this is a social evil and is freely practiced across regions and religions in India.

This was deeply felt by Haji Mumtaz Ali and he started the movement. He claims he is himself surprised by the success of his efforts. More than 800 families that have taken steps, have together returned more than Rs 6 crore rupees to the families of brides.

Haji adds that since the movement gained momenturm, families are arranging weddings without any money being exchanged in and weddings are being organised at minimal costs. (Translated from Inquilab)

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