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Know how Sonia Gandhi attacked RSS, BJP, and their ideology of hate

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New Delhi: Sonia Gandhi may be suffering from severe health problems. But this has apparently not stopped the widow of the slain Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi, and the Congress president from taking on the ruling alliance. Sonia had revived the Congress from ignominy around one and half decades, ago, and the 70-year old Sonia still looks battle ready.

There is no denying that the Congress President who is expected to demit the office of the Congress chief this year, has once again won the heart of a large section of the Indian population with her sharp and scathing attack against the BJP, the RSS and their agenda of communlaisation of the country.

The country is facing tough times as Sangh inspired goons spread venom across the nation, trying to terrorize minorities in the name of cow protection, browbeat Dalits, muzzle the media and destroy the hcommunal harmony in the country.

The nation is celebrating the 75th year of Quit India Movement. The movement was spearheaded by Congress stalwart, whose name the RSS and the BJP want to erase from the Indian memory. While speaking in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday Sonia Gandhiattacked the BJP government, asking whether attempts are being made to destroy the roots of democracy and a law-based system.

While speaking in the parliament, Ms Gandhi said, “The anniversary of the Quit India movement reminds us that we cannot and will not allow the idea of India to be a prisoner to narrow mindedness, divisive and communal ideology”.

She further said, “Jawaharlal Nehru had spent his longest jail term (during the movement) and many Congress activists could not even come out of prison due to illness,” she said. Sonia said there was a feeling that “clouds of the politics of division and hate” are hovering over plural and egalitarian values enshrined in the Constitution.

If that was not enough, Sonia added, “It seems secular, democratic and liberal values are being endangered. The public space for debate and difference of opinion is shrinking. Many times, illegal forces appear to be dominating the rule of law”.


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