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Know everything about proposed ‘Economy AC’ in trains

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The government is reportedly planning to introduce ‘economy AC’ coaches in trains where the temperature will be kept at around 25 degrees. Sources claim that the passengers will not need any blanket as it will not be cool inside to necessitate blankets. It is said that in such coaches, fare will be less than the normal third AC 3 fares.

Reports suggest that such coaches will be introduced in fully AC train  and that such AC trains will have three-tier Economy AC coaches besides AC-3, AC-2 and AC-1 classes.

While the railways may be going to the town claiming revolution in train travel, common people claim that with temperature fixed at around 25 degrees and the coaches seating around 100 passengers, the inside of the coaches it will become simply unbearable for passengers to travel.

Sources claim that due to the temperature, the passengers might not require blankets in the Economy AC class like other AC coaches as the temperature will be around 24-25 degree-celsius. Currently Mail and Express trains have Sleeper, Third AC, Second AC and First AC classes while Rajdhani, Shatabdi and recently introduced Humsafar and Tejas trains are fully air-conditioned.

It is said that Indian railways is exploring an idea to introduce fully AC trains on select routes, aiming to provide comfort by facilitating AC travel for maximum passengers. An exercise has been undertaken for a transformation in service by upgrading existing facilities in trains and stations and a separate cell has been created by the Railways for this.

An official says, “There will not be any chilling effect like in other AC classes and the temperature will be fixed around 24-25 degrees. The aim is to make the passengers comfortable and not make them feel the outside heat”. The recently launched Humsafar Express, comprising 3-AC coaches only, has become very popular. The fully AC train with more Economy AC coaches is expected to cater to more passengers. However, the details of the Economy AC class are to be worked out before deciding for manufacturing such coaches, said the official.

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