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Kirkersville, Ohio police chief, Steven Eric Disario shot dead –Wife, children photos

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Kirkersville police chief, Steven Eric Disario, who had just taken over the mantle of the police chief lost his life at the hands of a hardened criminal who also killed two female workers at a nursing home in Kirkersville.

The police chief’s death is being mourned not just by his family, but people across the nation. The 36-year old police officer is being reported to be the father of six children. His wife is pregnant and expecting the child any day now.

The shooting that took place at around 8a.m. in the small village of five hundred people has taken the whole nation by surprise. The way macabre shooting incidents are on the rise, has shocked everyone. Almost every other day there are reports of such mindless shootings and killings in one part of the country or the other.

The slain police chief, Steven Eric Disario is said to be a very affable man. A woman, while writing on the local police’s Facebook page said, “Vannessa Dixie Please accept our family’s condolences to the law enforcement community for the beloved and brave Police Chief Steven Eric DiSario who was slain in the course of serving and protecting his community. May the peace and love of our GOD provide you with comfort and solace at this most tragic time. Blue Lives Matter. We love you”. #KIRKERSVILLEPOLICESTRONG ?? ?

Reports suggest that the new police chief who had taken over the mantle merely a few weeks ago lost his life when he responded to a call about the nursing home. However, investigators said in a news conference that they believe the gunman shot DiSario first, and then went into the nursing home and fatally shot the two workers. “Sheriff’s deputies arriving to back up DiSario found the chief shot in the alley,” CNN reported. “When they entered the nursing home, the gunman and the workers were dead.”

A report in the NBC said that the police chief “was a father of six with a child ‘on the way,’ and had only been the police chief for three weeks.”

His wife, Aryn’s step mother Vickie Armintrout said Aryn DiSario called this morning in fear because she knew her husband was on duty and couldn’t get any information on the shooting.

A report in DaytonaDailyNews quoting his mother in law said, “Armintrout said the couple have been married about seven or eight years. They are a blended family each with kids from previous relationships. They have one child together and Aryn is pregnant, ready to give birth any day now. “It’s heartbreaking,” Armintrout said. “You just don’t know what she’s going to do now, you know? It’s just heartbreaking for the children and his wife.”

DaytonaDailyNews report said that the couple met while living in the Columbus area, and DiSario was close with all five of their children. Armintrout said “His oldest stepdaughter… he’s like her only father. So he’s been so wonderful to her…I feel really bad for his mom…They’re all really good people, a really good family.”

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